Nancy Pelosi says impeaching Trump is too divisive and "just not worth it"


Politicians not following through with their campaign promises is not entirely their fault. Almost every time a Republican President is elected the people turn right around at the midterms and vote more Democrats into Congress. The same applies when a Democrat is elected president the people vote more Republicans into Congress. Some folks might say this is good, it keeps either Party from gaining too much power. I say it obstructs progress.


They were actively prying it open before then, like turning up the heat under a frog, never so fast that they were called on it. But steadily.

Just as I said, the so-called “moderates” early on understood that W could count on conservatives anyway which made them necessary for him to do anything. They correctly discerned that unless they got what they wanted he could get nothing of what he wanted. Even before 9/11 I was noting that they had rolled him over, he was doing what they wanted.


I don’t think “efficiency” is a word you will find in the Constitution. That was not the goal. The goal was to create a system that governs but with constraints.


The relationship between not keeping promises and Republican voters becoming discouraged is?

Remember, the Democrats won as much as they did 6 years into W because too many people were wanting to teach the Republicans a lesson. I’m not talking Democrats.

The Left, of course, bought the line the Democrats were laying out that the Republicans were irresponsible just as they easily and self-servingly forgot all the support that their own had given the conflicts they were then in a rage over and had pressed the idea of WMDs in their efforts to convince the Left to support it. Everything was blamed on W and that’s still their line today. They’ve repeated endless lies whitewashing the Democrat’s role till it may as well be truth by now, even accepted by some Republicans.


Efficiency can often be the enemy of Liberty. Especially governmental efficiency.

Which is to say that it’s all good and well for individual or private enterprise to be efficient for these tend to be rooted in voluntary association and exchange, but with governments (or union shops), the efficiency is always one imposed by force and never is this more dangerous than when what is being forced is rooted in what is agreeable.

C.S. Lewis referenced this when he spoke of his preferences between a tyrant that is just a tyrant and a tyrant that thinks he is doing good. The regular sort of bad guy has times he tires, time he acts more normal while the do-gooder, buoyed by his self approving conscience that he is doing right / some great work, never tires. Thus the difference between a Caesar or Franco and the likes of a Hitler, future Muslim caliph or even these so-called progressives who lust to regulate every nuance of life that isn’t directly lust-based (only sex and what helps there be more sex is off of the table).

If any think it odd that I lump those last three together consider the difference between Huxley and Orwell. Orwell, writing of a brutal dictatorship of the mind where everything is suppressed would be against the former whilst Huxley wrote of a society of banal license under the thumb of absolute rule otherwise where everything was reduced to trivialities. With Orwell it was the oppression of the asserted to be profound. With Huxley is was oppression using madness and license as a carrot.

The American Left (for which there is no longer any extreme Left, just to be more clear) is very Brave New World. They keep people distracted whilst they burn down the civilization around them, not physically but intellectually and spiritually.

EDIT: another thought, nature abhorring a vacuum the Left is actually trying to get everyone on board with a new kind of profundity, ar least to them, and thus we see thinks like being Woke. Only these new profundities are not like those Orwell dreaded, for in 1984 they screamed everyday at the other, the outsider but with the Left they are, in keeping with other aspects, proverbially screaming every day at the native, the neighbor. They too frequently give what should qualify for the other, especially when that other will throw those they champion off of roofs or beat/maim/kill women for sometimes trivial reasons, not just a pass but they seek to import more of it.


Food for thought. Are they in full protect mode? Trying to protect their power and re-election? Did GOP’rs retire from the house/senate before the last election as they knew re-election was unlikely?

The ACA is the perfect example. Put in place by 100% of the Democrats. GOP’ers elected to end the ACA which then morphed into end and replace. Replace was not what they were elected to do. And they couldn’t even get it replaced. The end result was democrats replaced the GOP.

We need term limits where our elected officials can actually do what voters send them to Washington to do without worrying about the future.

p.s. Unfortunately we are seeing what the democrats are all about again. Americans will never lear, democrats are not your friends and the GOP is spineless afraid to do the job they wee sent to do.


I think Washington D.C. is at once like an echo chamber and like a fun house mirror. You hear what is essentially the Leftist narrative. You see yourself and others as if distorted.

I think some were convinced that they couldn’t win because of the first. I think some were too embarrassed by association and wanting to teach all those Deplorables a lesson (an elected official version of what too many Republican voters did in 2006) on account of the second as well. Not just never-Trumpers but never-Deplorables as well.

Whatever their motivation, they walked off of the line, deserted, right when the enemy was mounting an all out attack. Maybe they would have lost anyway … but in refusing to fight they showed their true colors.


Back when our government was formed and for many years after the Parties differences were not as diverse as they are today. Over the years the Parties have grown apart and even within the same Party the gap has widened.

I’m of the opinion that after The New Deal was enacted politics changed and not for the better. The Democrats started to move to the left ever so slightly and over time they have progressed to where they currently are.



The big early debate was on where to have, esosentially, the nation’s checking account.


I’m astounded by the GOP as they flail about when the opportunity to end the DNC is before their very eyes.

Imagine of they took the offensive on the issue of border security and put it on the line.
The dems are allowing an unlimited umber of people to enter the US by not funding border security, not addressing the asylum holes which central Americans are taking advantage of, showing how the illegals are destroying the poor and middle class. Showing how legalizing the DACA kiddies will legalize the criminals that brought them into this country.

But nothing but disarray as they do nothing to support trump and nothing to help their cause of electing republicans. Instead they cut and run leaving the House in the hands of extremists and nut jobs.


We need Pattons.

Not Quislings.


Indeed, people seem to forget it was repugs that attempted and evidently succeeded in pushing Gingrich out, then Bush got elected, got his tax cuts, introduced his medicare part D which cost far more then predicted which discourage voter turnout in 06…which turned the house over to democrats.

Remember Boehner was original gang of 4 that tried to usher Gingrich out. Hastert became speaker in 1999. Of course Boehner became speaker few years later after teh Tea Party recaptured the house.

Ironically Boehner despised teh Tea Party that put him in power.


He is innocent. Innocent until proven guilty. That is a tenet of American justice. Don’t you believe in justice?

But more to the point, I strongly suspect that Pelosi has been briefed on the Mueller report. Her statement regarding impeachment is simply her getting out in front of it.


I find it odd that Mueller has been saying the report will be out soon since before the mid-terms. What’s the problem? Is he finding it hard to come up with the words to let liberals down easy, or is there a big backlog at the GPO?


The bar is “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.” What crime did he commit while in office?


The Republicans in Congress are too PC to be cutthroat. It’s like they think they’ll be criticized for using the same unethical tactics that Democrats use daily.


Agreed. I wouldn’t tie my lifelong wagon to the cesspool that is currently the democrat party.


What is the difference in foreign powers in our elections?

Foreign powers = bad per the democrats?
Illegal aliens = good per the democrats?


I’m grateful for in spite of all you listed that America is on the road to recovery because he served as a wake up call.

Good post, LouMan.


The crime is he’s Trump.

An unforgivable transgression.