Nancy Pelosi says impeaching Trump is too divisive and "just not worth it"

Libs lie. If thier lips are moving, they are lying.

Look at AOC at SXSW; she had a whole set of bullshit talking points programmed into her that she and another million typing monkeys could not have generated in a million years.

As they tell you when you enter the ring, defend yourself at all times.

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Hope springs eternal…

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It was their very reason for being… to hold Trump accountable for stealing the election with the help of a foreign power.

They were so so sure. How many times did we say "You got him THIS time! LoL " ?
Too many to count. They were duped.
Again and again and again. And they STILL beg for more disappointment…as evidenced here…

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Good one, as Mueller would have indicted Trump in a heartbeat yet nothing but crickets as 2 years later and over 20 million wasted only to have virtually nothing on collusion or obstruction.

First, they didn’t waste any money. This investigation caught real criminals and they all worked for Donald Trump. So at the very least he is a horrendous judge of character. Also with the money confiscated by the government from Manafort, this investigation might actually turn a profit. Win.

Also, the investigation isn’t over. So don’t get too excited. Trump still committed at least 1 crime and maybe others. We shall see buddy

The investigation was a witch hunt.

A real investigation would have been far reaching including the democrat party which was ignored.

Won’t you just wet your pants if the democons go the impeachment route. Just the ticket for igniting the country and doing what is necessary making the leftist hellholes separate countries.

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That caught a lot of witches. All of witch worked for Donald Trump. All of witch lied about contacts with Russians. Witch is it, either Donald Trump is a horrendous judge of character or he is a criminal… and a horrendous judge of character.

You don’t know that they weren’t investigated. Besides, you investigate where leads take you. The Democrats were the victims here (dnc was hacked). Muellers investigation did not say just go after Trump. And it was just limited to “collusion”.

Personally, I don’t necessarily want him impeached. I think he does more damage in office that he would being impeached. He is a career criminal. Becoming president will be the worst decision of his life.

Pelosi has realized that the DNC has become a heterogeneous, incoherent, distracted mess.

There are those obsessed with impeaching President Trump. So much so they have lost sight of the bigger picture. All they do is obsess with impeachment.

They have the socialist movement. Sanders, AOC and some others. It’s gotten so bad that now E. Warren is on that bandwagon.

The anti-Israel movement with Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. They are being coached by Linda Sarsour and lesser known Jinan Shbat.

Then there is Senator Harris. All she talks about is climate change and gun control laws.

The DNC is so divided the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and there is no one that is strong enough to bring the DNC together.

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This chaos may be the reason Biden DOES NOT run.

He would have to herd cats and then hope for a lot of Trump mistakes to win. I don’t think any other D would even have a chance.

If the DNC is not careful it’s going to be Sanders VS Trump in 2020. Already Sanders is raking in the donations outpacing the other candidates. Senator Warren is finding out she is not so well liked outside of her home state and Senator Harris is only drawing small crowds.

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Harris, Booker, and Warren have diluted the faction that could possibly elevate their chance for the nomination beyond mending.

Kamala Harris will be forever associated with Jussie Smollett, so her slim window appears the least open.

Sanders looks old and tired already. I am genuinely worried for his health. Cuomo would have been a better choice, he may jump in if Sanders backs out.

Voters are going to be berned out by November 2020.


When one targets only people that have been associated with Trump, one will catch only people that have been associated with Trump.

Mueller is chickenshit to go after any of the obviously guilty Democrat sleaze in the Clinton camp.

Your logic sucks, doofus!


Everybody commits crimes. You people clutched your stinking shit pearls under the absolute certainty that Trump unfairly won the election or colluded with a foreign power to try.

Just accept that you were duped again and again and again by the left wing media and leftist politicians. You people were bent over more times than Jussie Smollett at Nigerian bull roast.


OMG …has there ever been a truer statement? No!

Thank you.

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Remember though: they aren’t charging a Democrat and Republicans tend to be cowardly, backstabbing Quislings who are more afraid of what hypothetical people will be reputed to think of them given bad press rather than what their base may think.

The investigation was only meant to investigate Trump. Imagine the outrage if he would have stepped up and investigated Obama, Clinton, the DOJ and FBI.

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Imagine the outrage if Huber actually does something about someone that matters, you mean?

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“We investigated ourselves and have cleared ourselves of any wrongdoing.”

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