Nancy Pelosi is between a Rock and a Hard Place

Little Miss Pelosi has painted the Democrat Party into a corner. Any way she tries to step out will damage her credibility.

That is the understatement of the year.

The upside is they will finalize their charges, vote on it and send it to the Senate.

The senate will likely make short order of it.

Nan’s problem is how to continue with the party wacko’s demanding more charges when it goes down in flames.

Perhaps she will take the easy way out, retirement.

What credibility? All she has is a lynch mob with TDS as her driving force.

She’s too addicted to power to retire. She needs to go down in flames.

Yeah humiliation is the best anecdote in the case of Nancy Pelosi! The problem is she is too senile and narcissistic to be bothered by such humiliation and will probably need to be physically forced out of office.

Well, yes. Exactly what I meant by going down in flames: forced out of office and humiliated. Although being narcissistic it will fly right over her head.

The same needs to happen with Shift and Nadler. Out in a ball of flames.

They all need to be made examples of to put the fear of God into those who think they can follow in their footsteps. I don’t care what designation you have behind your name.

There is no way they keep this insane pace through the 2020 election cycle. Just not sustainable. No one is paying attention to it anymore.

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Don’t underestimate them. I think they can and they will if they think they have the support to do so.

They may believe they can take the House and the Senate in 2020. What then?

Trump is right to say she has lost control of her party to the Communist s on the left.She has insured the Dems loosing the election and hopefully the House too.She should be put out to pasture in a nursing home.

Their alternative replacements such as the social democrats does not bode well either which will take a constant vigilance on conservatives part to choke them out!

This may be her swan song as she is losing power to the demands of the progressive left and she is losing badly. Thy force her into the impeachment debacle and now she has no way out other than to make them hurry and make it limited in scope.