Nancy Pelosi Has A Major Trump Dilemma

We gotta impeach. But we can’t.

I understand where she’s living right now. Trump has always been dangerous but now that he has entirely corrupted every aspect of our government, and is cutting deals with foreign countries to go after his political enemies, we absolutely cannot tolerate him in the Oval Office any longer. We have to remove him. We have to impeach. We have to.

But we can’t. The Senate Republicans are terrified of Trump and his base and they don’t dare say one single fucking thing against him, much less call for impeachment. If they help to unseat him, they will be destroyed in their next elections. Mitch McConnell especially will never under any circumstances allow that.

The ONLY feasible way to get rid of Trump is to vote him out in 2020.

And if she moves an impeachment that the Senate will simply refute, then she risks enflaming the right even more than it already is and giving Trump his 2020 victory, and possibly losing the House and putting the Senate further out of reach and Jesus Christ, people, if she does that, how long will it be before we literally have to indenture ourselves to some corporation to have a job at all?

How do you get around that? You can’t. You just can’t. Unless 20 Senate Republicans get taken out of the equation somehow, Trump is firewalled and all that will work against him is the next election.

It is a horrible, horrible spot that we are all in, and I can’t see anything else she can do.


Here is an option for Nancy:

Use Barr as the vehicle for impeachment. Repudiate Trump’s behavior by impeaching his now main henchman Barr. Barr’s behavior is linked to Trump’s but he has his own agency. Attack the corruption of justice, misleading public statements and obstruction of Congress by Barr.

The big upside is that even if Barr survives a Senate trial (and he is less likely than Trump to do so), Trump doesn’t get the vindication. Trump and the GOP get smeared by their defense of this Trump underling. “Not Guilty” for Barr results in guilt for the entire GOP. And Trump enters the election even more damaged than he is now.

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Trust Nancy.

I don’t know what what she is doing, but I’m confident that she is playing this hand in the best way it can be played.

GPD high unemployment rate at historic lows, and dems are busy writing russian collusion fan fictions. But its okay, you can impeach Trump in 2024. He has 100% impeachment rate there.

Threads like this show why I was so delighted, tickled pink really, to see so many on the Left reduced to tears and needing hugs in '16. By contrast I didn’t shed one tear after '18 because my hope in no way depends on who is in office running the government.

Yes, I was vocal about the desire to see the Left reduced to tears again, and I’ll stay vocal about it. Can’t happen to a nicer-in-their-own-opinions guys.

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Dear OP, run, do not walk, to the nearest safe space, try a Starbucks. Republicans won’t impeach Trump, because he hasn’t done anything that is impeachable. And darn right they’ll be thrown out of office on their ears by their constituents if they do. As they should be.

I disagree. Impeaching Trump is the only route to victory for the Left. They should impeach him twice if the first time doesn’t stick. They should have their base sleeping and dreaming impeachment and electing a Democrat in '20. It should be seen as the focal point to which all history has led.

… because the crying their eyes out videos will be all the more hilarious…


The worse the economy, the better chance people will look to government for help.

A good economy, people employed, self sufficient and independent from government is the worst thing that could happen for the democrats and globalists.

Remember, these are the people who voted to “fundamentally change this country” and want to change it into a socialist “utopia”.

That Trump was elected and they got stopped dead in their tracks is about to make their heads explode.

Their agenda is not about protecting and preserving American way of life but killing it. Nevermind that they supported Hillary who should be behind bars for the rest of her life, it is Trump who is “corrupt”. :rofl:

We have known for years about Clinton collusion and her vulnerability to blackmail for her pay to play tricks. For years… even before Trump was elected.

Slow learners are just now hearing about it.

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Didn’t she just give a shout out to China and Russia to get Trump’s tax returns?

Goes to show her friends in high places aren’t in America. :wink:

We gotta impeach to keep the left fringe happy, yet we cannot impeach and expect any support in the future from the centrist and independents.

It would be different if they had squat to indict trump.

The Right is exactly like the left.
The left has a bunch of raving lunatics to run against Trump.
The right has squat to run against the left.

But then again everyday the House continues to obstruct, not stop the mass influx of illegals it will continue to piss off the country.

A great idea. why will you do when the trail leads to democrats. Think that dossier created itself? Think the corruption in the IRS was run by the right? Think the Comey/Strozak, Page fiasco was run by the right? Careful what you wish for as the democrats weaponized the FBI, IRS and DOJ and you really don’t want that in the public eye as the media lap dogs will not b able to cover it up once expos.

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That bus has already left the station.

The weeks and months to come will be popcorn worthy.

What the democrats have so carefully built has started to unravel and the outlook isn’t too pretty for them.

The media lap dogs WILL try to cover it up: no collusion becomes WHERE ARE THE TAX RETURNS!!! That Trump has every right to tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine doesn’t matter. How many mouth breathers are going to think there is a law being broken even when it doesn’t exist?

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Just for argument sake…
Let’s just say Nancy Pelosi did go along with her constituents on impeaching Trump. Don’t you think she wouldn’t be thinking about it as a “short haul” solution?? Not as a long-term deal? Just asking…