Nancy Pelosi finally admits truth about impeachment

Nope, no sexism there…:roll_eyes:

No maybe that is the wrong word - their gender’s inherent lack of pragmatism and absence of foresight might have been more accurate.

Two edits to dig yourself deeper on that one…:rofl:

Since the country is currently experiencing peace and prosperity voters should think about Nancy’s statement that President Trump’s apparent “pattern of misbehavior” actually helps the country and citizens so they should vote for him in 2020 so he can continue to “misbehave” through his second term :wink: and end up with a slew of asterisks behind his name making that designation a positive instead of a negative :grin:

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This sham impeachment has been driven solely by Trump Derangement Syndrome just as has been the opposition to his attempts to accomplish good things for the American people.

The Democrat Party has been undermining the Constitution and rules of law since long before Donald Trump was nominated and elected to serve as our President.

If there are any truly deplorable people among us, the moniker certainly applies to the Democrats. Their iconic symbol is quite appropriate. They are ASSES.

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Pelosi is a living (I think) example of why we need term limits.


This is an excellent summation!

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Peace and prosperity, LMAO…

I guess you’re unaware of the number of countries that the US is at war in. But that’s not covered at Fox.

And I guess you’re unaware that the national debt that trump declared was unsustainable when he was candidate has grew by three trillion. And I guess that you’re unaware that trump has signed RECORD budget deficits…But that’s not covered at Fox either…

Peace and prosperity LMAO…

But its OK that you never mentioned your messiah Obozo made the same promises right? I guess by your fruity logic he gets a pass but its all Trump’s fault we have record National debt? Huh? Double standard much to calling the kettle black?

I think most Americans of both political persuasions would invite term limits. But how is that ever going to happen?

Raising the national debt to a record high and signing RECORD budget deficits. Two more asterisks he’s already earned…