Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want you to have guns BUT ………

This bitch has to have an aircraft carrier to protect her nasty ass !!!

The Pentagon has sent an aircraft carrier with fighter jets to the South China Sea ahead of a possible visit to Taiwan by Smelly old Pelosi.

The USS Ronald Reagan and a strike group are currently there after they left a port in Singapore on Tuesday. Seems excessive and expensive to protect someone who constantly tries to legislate less personal protection for Americans. Is there a purpose to this trip other than election interference ? Or an attempt to get more insider trading info for daddy big bucks ?

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DemoRATS ask "why do you need an AR15 for protection " So why do you need a FUCKING FIGHTER JET AND AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER FOR YOUR PROTECTION ???

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I don’t think anyone, Right or Left, can figure our what Joe Biden’s foreign policy is, including him.

But in its basics, it’s a continuation of the neo-con vision: the US must be the world’s policeman. Mr Trump deviated a bit from this, but did not challenge its fundamentals.

So I think the aircraft carrier etc are to rile up the Chinese. “Hey … you wanna fight, big boy? You think we’re afraid of you? Well, come on, if you’re hard enough!”

And they will come on, but only when they decide they can win overwhelmingly and decisively. Probably they’re waiting for that aircraft carrier to get a transgendered commander.

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And will Biden send 3 brigades of trannies to overwhelm the Chinese ? :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

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