Nancy Pelosi and CNNS hate of POTUS Trump

America dose not understand this , but I can tell you why. CNN, Nancy Pelosi are constantly talking about POTS Trump an example of Nancy When announcing her 25th Amendment ploy questioning the president’s fitness to serve, Nancy Pelosi last week bizarrely criticized President Trump’s “erotic” behavior.

She was responding on ABC’s “The View” to a Trump tweet about the “stimulus” bill that flashed up on screen.

“What do you think is causing this erratic behavior?” the House speaker was asked.

“Well I think it’s true to form,” she said. “The president has always had erotic behavior.”

Perhaps she meant to say “erratic,” but her Freudian slip begs the question: Is Nancy Pelosi secretly in love with the president? She talks about his balls and other things you would have to know someone pretty well about and CNN every other story fake or real 95 % Fake is about Trump so what’s your thinking America Here is the answer well I will wait for yours it goes back like all investigations that have proven nothing to 2015

She must be fixated on Trump as she constantly talks about him. She can’t admit the country was far better off with him than with SD (senile dementia) Biden.
She may have secret fantasies about Trump that she won’t admit to.

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the only think Drunk Nancy Pelosi listens to is an empty quart of Russian Vodka image