Nancy is at it again , 2.2 trillion wasn't enough . Time for her to collect!

This helps the very rich period, and high tax demonrat States. What happened to helping the poor and middle class ? How many poor and middle class taxpayers itemize ? How many super rich itemize ?

Pelosi and her husband have a property tax liability of approximately $198,337.62 considering their two homes, a winery and two commercial properties, public records show, indicating that the couple could reap benefits on roughly $188,000 given a full SALT repeal.


Nancy can go pound sand.

She’s burned her bridges and is on her way to irrelevancy.


Got to help the wealthy in the blue high tax states.

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Nothing seems to surprise me to the least, what the Democrats do these days. It is beyond what they were really stood for. As long as they can shove anything meaningless through the House/Senate floor is all that matters to them. As long as they keep getting voted in.

When they have to insert these stupid Green New Deal crap into a $2T bill, and have to come up with more - because, that wasn’t enough - they are happy campers - while the rest of the country is in dire strait.

My dad told me that these are not your Grandfather’s Democrat Party. That’s for sure!


So…let me get this straight. Republicans are against tax cuts on “high” earners now? $100k isn’t a lot of money, especially if you live in a moderately sized city. Why should what’s left of the middle class keep getting fucked?

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Yeah that was an absolute shit tier article. It makes the assumption that the only people making over 100k are living in Pelosi’s district which is a total crock of shit. I live in Iowa and 100k doesn’t go as far as it used to. I guess I need to keep getting my ass pounded in taxes because I’m not lazy.

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To get it “straight” Almost 90% of the SALT benefit goes to taxpayers with income higher than $100,000, according to the Tax Foundation. How many American taxpayer have to pay MORE than $10,000 in property taxes ? Do they live in demonrats States ? This benefits the very TOP 10% , 98% . Fuck them , move out of tax crazy States !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Do you pay more than $10,000 in property taxes ? Those making $300,000 will save about $150 , while Nancy and top million dollar turds save $188,000 . Take a guess what Schumer and Gov HOMO of NY would SAVE .
Tax amount varies by county. The median property tax in Iowa is $1,569.00 per year for a home worth the median value of $122,000.00. Counties in Iowa collect an average of 1.29% of a property 's assesed fair market value as property tax per year.

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Is your house worth MORE than $600,000 ? In Iowa a home valued at $600,000 pays about $10,000 so there is no need to yet yourself upset for the super rich paying MORE . Also living in a tax greedy dem State are the people most effected . Pay Attention , Nancy doesn’t give a shit about you unless your ILLEGAL . :roll_eyes:

I thought Republicans wanted to lower taxes?

Oh wait…that’s before Trump went full socialist and now it’s all a part of the plan and 4D chess.

Good thing we spent several trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Would have been horrible if we’d used that money to stockpile masks and ventilators and stuff like that.

I mean, what’s the point of stockpiling extra medical equipment that you’ll probably never need?

The issue is about limiting the taxes paid via state and local government and deducting them on their Federal Income taxes.

And you are correct, 100K is chump change in many places today.


It’s all about states with high taxes, property, income taxes and the rest of the country subsidizing the high tax states.

A poke in the eye for Caifornicate and NY in particular.

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Unless you were hiding in a cave President Trump DID LOWER YOUR TAXES !! This has to do with the amount you are allowed to DEDUCT if you ITEMIZE your taxes , CLEAR ??? $10,000 is the MOST PRESENTLY . Liberals living in HIGH TAX STATES want to be able to deduct ALL of the PROPERTY TAXES . Not to worry dems promised to raise your taxes if they get in office , you can support even more ILLEGALS .

Pelosi is succeeding in DC like Shermans march through Georgia because the Senate Repubs don’t have the TESTICLES to oppose her passing the CARES Act with all the necessary pork in it.She must be laughing and getting drunk the way Repubs bow down to her.
The Senate Repubs don’t know how to play the PR game like she does,although she has the medias cooperation.

Are you just figuring it out now that Republicans are absolutely spineless and too weak to do anything they ever talk about? Democrats have been absolutely working them over on nearly every issue for decades. It’s why we make progress and Republicans concede…on everything.

I agree to a point.The Repubs did resist over the bogus impeschment.
They did blow alot of smoke up our ass about Benghazi and did nothing.Its up to the voters to get rid of these spineless jellyfish and elact those that will do more action and no BS.

No , the demonrats have been working over the AMERICAN TAXPAYER . here2bedense

We have two distinct problems.

  • The President does not have line item veto power.

  • Both the House and the Senate allow amendments that are totally unrelated to the purpose of the bill to be attached. Sometimes these amendments are intended to defeat the bill. (These are called poison pill amendments.) That is why the title of a bill being read on the floor of the House or Senate usually includes the phrase “…and for other purposes.”

Unfortunately, these practices can be changed only by Congress. Congress will never change them because they give them POWER.


You are correct, the GOP rolls over very time.

Better enjoy it while you can as on day there will b nothing left to roll over on and spending will be equal to what is taken in. Don’t expect huge increases on the wealthy as they will certainly give the left the middle finger as they exit the country with their wealth and businesses leaving nothing but the national debt. Yet Dorthy, everyone will be required to pay with few exempt and the entitlement will be a fraction of what they are today.

This is what you will get what the national debt comes untenable.