Name 1 way to fix America:👇

You know who acts like nazis? Haitian and Latino immigrants

Good for you. Yet, you can’t accept the fact that Boomers inherited the global Imperium of the modern world, and burned through the coffers in a single lifetime.

Now that the vaults are all empty, and they are still in power, they are accumulating debt like there’s no tomorrow because for them, there isn’t.

Nothing comes after the Boomer, the vast majority don’t give a shit about their kids that don’t talk to them, just like they didn’t give a shit about their parents as they invented the nursing home industry to put them in.

An entire generation of Caligula, the mad emperor who was brought up surrounded by the opulence of the Imperial household and decided it was HIS to do whatever he wanted with, even burn it down…


The United States is effectively an open-air psychward, freakshow-shitshow, sweatshop prison-casino, Boomer retirement ponzi-bubble multi-level marketing time-share investment scheme.

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Hmmm… it will be interesting to see how your generation will acclimate to what is going on right now… and what you will do to fix it… or not. It’s very easy to get on a political forum and bitch about what “was done to you” by the preceeding generation. It’s quite another thing to actually do something about it. Are you a talker/bitcher… or a doer?

Agreed… and your generation happily plays on the playground, too.

He’s right Your generation fucked the next generation over. You all took what you could and ran, no interest in preserving our culture for the next generation.


So, I’ll ask you the same question I asked yang thing… what are you going to do? Bitch about your perceived wrong doing on my part (not hardly on my part) or do something about it? All of you bitching about my generation can kiss my ass. Your generation is a bunch of whiny, lazy pussies.

Im probably going to go to jail for saying American culture is number one. Because of you cowards. Hope the money was worth it.

We have over 1000 Americans in jail for protesting on 1/6, you boomers do nothing, you afraid of losing some property that means shit in a democrat run country?

We boomers are doing nothing. What are you doing? Ya know… I thought you and I had an unspoken understanding of each other. I guess I was wrong. You can join Yang douche in my not to be bothered with file.

He brought up a legitimate point you fail to recognize.

I failed to recognize nothing. I know full well the part my generation played in the here and now of this country. YOU fail to recognize your generation’s own failings. Again… what are YOU doing to help fix anything … other than bitching and whining about what “I” did???

Your generation seems to think that Mine is the only generation that has a part in what is going on in this country. Generations before mine layed the groundwork… and your’s is continuing it. I’ll admit my generation’s part… why won’t you do the same???

Our generation is getting thrown in jail for protesting, because our 1st amendment means nothing your generation did nothing to protect it. Enjoy what you have

Did you ever ask your politicians to vote for the naturalization act?? It’s Japanese now. Who would think to protect the American poor ?

You are being thrown in jail for rioting and burning and looting. What are YOU doing to protect the 1st amendment? I’m sorry bro… I have no sympathy for you when you just whine and cry, point the finger and do nothing except whine and cry and point a finger.

I’m an older guy that has worked his entire life for what I have. I have no skin invested in the shit you are bitching about. You and the rest of childish fucks on here that blame me for what is going on in this country can just fuck off. All I have ever done is vote Conservative, gone to work every day and paid what I was supposed to pay.

Just know men died to protect how you grew in America, you were supposed to do the same.

We did. I have personal friends that served and did what was expected of them… and a couple that never came back from Iraq. What have YOU done… other than post on a political forum and espouse your idea/s of what patriotism is… or isn’t???

I live in a city destroyed because you let your woman have an opinion on when yours sons came home bloody from winning battles against ■■■■■■■ Let’s move, let’s
Give up, because you all couldn’t control your over emotional woman.

Really? You are fucking moron.

Make boomers PAY! !!!

And the punks that protect them