Nailing Illegals In Pennsylvania


For Cops Who Want to Help ICE Crack Down on Illegal Immigration …

Good. They should be afraid to be here illegally.

For Cops Who Want to Help ICE Crack Down on Illegal Immigration ……
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I like how they use the term “noncriminal” immigrants, as if coming here illegally doesn’t already make them criminals. :roll_eyes:

“working crap jobs that Americans don’t want.”

Where have I heard that lie before?

“and none of them allow us to take someone into custody without a warrant” more bullshit. What do you call an arrest with probable cause?

" Pennsylvania law enforcement officers are not permitted to independently enforce federal immigration law,"

Not permitted? According to who? Are they not also US citizens? More lies.

A pipe fitter & plumber most of my life. I have had my arm in sewer lines up to my shouder. It was honest work. I will say, many illegals contribute to decreasing the population of our legal citizens. This is well documented as are many other lists. [

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -
]( Are most illegals violent crimnals; I doubt it; and that being said, who her believes the above is worth the risk? Input please.

It’s not. And even if they aren’t, the cost far outweighs the benefit of having them here.

Paige Gomer, 28

Daughter, Mother, & friend

Allegedly killed by

Ramon Hector Martine Ontiveros , 33

Ramon Hector Martine Ontiveros, 33, an illegal alien from Mexico, has been charged with first degree murder of Paige Gomer, 28, of Hinton, Oklahoma. Ms. Gomer was shot and killed on March 21, 2019.

Ontiveros reportedly confessed to shooting Gomer to police.

A judge denied Ontiveros a bond and ICE has an immigration hold on Ontiveros. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANYONE HERE KNOW THE MEANING OF RAGE? We have politicians who could stop most of this cold, with the stroke of a pen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 Trillion Dollars in the toilet from the failed War on Poverty, but no money for securing our borders. Unforgivable. - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone figure this beautiful young woman lived long enough?

Do you see these posts? I can do this 24/7. Mollie Tibbitts, 20

Daughter & Friend

Allegedly killed by

Cristhian Baherna Rivera, 2 4

Cristhian Baherna Rivera, 24, has been arrested for the brutal murder of Iowan native Mollie Tibbitts, 20. Authorities have determined that Rivera, a Mexican national, is an illegal alien and has been living and working illegally in the US for several years.

Investigators believe that Ms. Tibbitts, a sophomore at the University of Iowa, encountered Rivera in July while she went running on July 18th in her rural Brooklyn, Iowa neighborhood. Ms. Tibbits never returned home from her run. She was reported missing and law enforcement began searching for the missing woman.

Rivera was identified as a suspect thanks to security camera video captured him following Ms. Tibbits. Rivewra reportedly confessed to the murder of Ms. Tibbitts after getting angry after she rebuffed his advances and threatened to call police.