Muslim Uber driver throws gay man out of car, drags him along street, says he’d be beheaded in his country

No word on violent incident or the identity or comment of that driver.

But in the linked video, a man makes a scene that goes viral about being “racially profiled” and “recorded against his will” when “all we wanted was some music”.

Drunken friends acting like idiots aren’t helping. Not only did this behavior being recorded not get him any sympathy, it got him fired by his employer.

Those fucktards are a disgrace to the Latino, Gay, and MAGA community. GJ “not being rude” twit.

Driver deserves a frikken medal

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It just hit me, the left made no bones about it, no protests, no condemnation , unless I missed it, no protests, heck no mention on social media about a muslim throwing a gay man out of a car.

But a white christian doesn’t bake a cake or refuses to cater to a same sex wedding all hell breaks loose, they want a congressional hearing, booked time on CNN and MSNBC, they want the ACLU and the southern poverty law center to do their thing.

Can someone on the left explain this hypocrisy?

The enemy of my enemy…

After that you gotta figure out who is the greater enemy to your enemy. Homosexers are misguided but not an enemy of America (except for the activists). But a dozen RADICAL Islamicists (not your average Muslim)… now THEY can do some damage to the biggest enemy of the leftists, namely America.

My next question is why do those who are Muslim & run for office in the U S do so on the Democratic ticket? They claim to be living the faith, maybe even cloaked in the garb.

Yet they’re representing a party that supports same sex marriage (that would go on in 0 Muslim majority countries). They represent a party that’s all for abortion on demand (it’s illegal in the Muslim majority countries, although in the KSA a woman whose life is in danger can abort—with her husband’s permission).

Shariah speaks against financial waste, yet, what goes on in so called blue states? It teaches helping those less fortunate, yet liberal economic policies help create the less fortunate.

I’m going to do the un P C & come right out & say Muslim women running on that ticket are hypocrites in particular. Liberal feminists are too busy fighting for the rights of white women to wear whatever they want & receive that extra quarter per hour to care about brown & black girls & women being mutilated & killed.

Hypocrites one & all!


hypocrisy is a badge of honor to these people.

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I wish I could triple like this post above, it is so dead on .


Hypocrisy & cherry picking.

One lady—honestly I just don’t get westerners regarding Muslim women as saints, but that’s another matter for another thread—I baby sat her daughter.

Kid couldn’t enjoy Chicken McNuggets at McDonalds with the others “because that’s not halal.

Can she have a fish filet to be included? Sure.

This same woman wouldn’t let let the child watch Sponge Bob, citing one episode where Patrick Star was dressed as Patricia (don’t make men like women). It’s a comedy & Patrick was hiding from another character.

Yet this same person has no trouble letting her older girls dress in micro mini skirts. Tired of hypocrites & cherry pickers.

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you and me both JKM,couldn’t agree with you more.

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I’m sorry Ishmael, but for some reason the term homosexers rather than homosexuals cracks me up.

Because the Democrats will will support them. It is the “in” thing to do.

Nevermind that there is a disconnect between supporting gay rights in this country and supporting those that will drop a gay man to his death from a building.

When it is said that liberalism is a mental disorder, it is not a joke.


What does she think about:

Democrats are simply a federation of malcontents.


Yeah… it sounds weird… like I ought to be playing the banjo when I say it. But it has a purpose. It carries with it the connotation of action.
And the word “homosex” kinda fell out of that too.
I got tired of libs saying that one could be a homosexual and not have sex. So I avoid the debate - usually just a digression, really - by making up my own word.

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But it breaks my heart.:cold_sweat:

I guess Islam :star_and_crescent: strictly is an identity for some, something to toot one’s horn about.

Practice, as in kindness to widows & orphans, might take desire & effort on their part.

Someday, Abraham’s children will stop fighting.


Back in the day we had hundreds of thousands of them locked up in asylums. Further back in the day they were given lobotomies. Now they roam the streets and internet causing havoc. Some are in office.

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You’re right—at least with some of them. Here’s one example

Islam is supposed to be a faith for all, black, white, green & everything in between.

Yet here are a bunch of guys on social media making fun of this woman’s African features.

There were even women—gee many westerners make Muslim women out to be saints—saying this lady shouldn’t have won “because she doesn’t represent Algerians”. Why not? Many North Africans have mixed heritage due to Arab conquests.

Maybe that’s why so many Muslims vote “Democratic”, particularly those from various parts of the Middle East and North Africa (although, to be honest, there are some very integrated professionals like doctors who vote Republican). IMO I suspect the “Democratic” voters, whether overtly or covertly, see nonwhite minorities as lower human beings—much as liberal policies like Affirmative Action demonstrate. On some level those promoting A A perceive minorities unable to move forward without handouts.