Muslim political activist arrested for rape of male student… Photographed with Bernie, Hillary…

Major media black out on this story! Geez! I wonder why?

How is it that all Democrats are pedophile freaks?

This pedophile Muslim has some friends in high places currently in office. What did they know and when did they know it?


…and these goat fuckers think nothing of it. Sick, sick, sick, worthless bastards!


And I bet none of them say a word about this sick perverted animal.

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Something tells me that this guy has been up to this for a long time. This wasn’t the first incident. Pedos always end up in career fields where they can be around children in private.

Every time something like this comes up it always circles right back to elite Democrats and the Clintons.

Pizzagate was real.

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What attracts these perverts to prey on students with mental disabilities?
It’ll be kept quiet, but I wonder how much alot of these people (Bernie etc) knew about this guy. Big deal, he posts 1000 dollars and surrenders his passport.

Oh - you mean Democrats are involved in the human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children?

That’s totally unbelievable…it isn’t like there is proof of this all over social media or anything:

If that is on social media you better post a link to that source, quick. Otherwise I am taking it down and you are catching a ban.

If you are documenting what’s out there…fine. If that is your own personal OC - you’re done.

Post edited - damn dude.

So, the mainstream media ignored this one? Why am I not surprised? Comrade of Bernie, Hillary, AOC etc.

As they say, birds of a feather…