Muslim Man Not Responsible for Death of his Jewish Neighbor

France: Judge rules ■■■■■■ woman’s killer not criminally liable

By Ben Ariel, Israel National News, July 15, 2019:

A Muslim man who killed his ■■■■■■ neighbor in Paris while shouting about Allah is probably not criminally responsible for his actions because he had smoked marijuana beforehand, a French judge has ruled.

The preliminary ruling in the trial of Kobili Traore for the 2017 murder of Sarah Halimi came Friday from a judge of inquiry — a magistrate that in the French justice system is tasked with deciding whether indicted defendants should in fact stand trial, JTA reported Monday.

Halimi was murdered in 2017 after she was attacked by her Muslim neighbor while she was sleeping in her apartment. He stabbed her, yelled “Allahu Akbar,” and then threw her from the third story to her death.

How long will it be before France becomes majority Muslim?

Where is the source for this?

Sounds like three independent doctors determined that he was under the influence, which impaired his decision making. Reporting in the Independent also shows that hate crime charges have been dropped, as he was under the influence and wasn’t thinking clearly.

Several psychiatric evaluations conducted after the killing found Traore was in a state of “acute delirium” provoked by his excessive use of cannabis, the paper said.

Traore claimed to smoke up to 15 joints a day.

While the three psychiatric assessments agreed Traore does not suffer from mental illness, they disagreed on whether he was completely responsible for his actions.

The judge also dismissed the “aggravating circumstance of the antisemitic character” of the murder, Le Figaro reported, citing a source close to the case.

An aggravated element of hate crime had been added to Traore’s indictment months after the murder.

Lawyers for the plaintiff announced they would appeal the ruling, French newspaper 20 minutes reported.

I dunno. What do you think? Where are the statistics?

Tragic crimes happen every day in every country. Many times, justice isn’t served. Occasionally, it is.

This egg is your justice system.

This frying egg sauté in crap is your justice system on progressivism.

Wow. I’ll bet a lot of people in the USA convicted of vehicular homicide while driving under the influence would like to have this judicial approach applied to their cases.


If you want to take someone out smoke some pot.

The pot made me do it.


You can click on the By Ben Ariel in the OP. It is a LINK. You may notice a little disc with a number in it. That’s the number of times it’s been opened by others.

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Did it work for “Son of Sam”? The guy said the German Shepard was Satan that talked him into killing all those people!

I guess the point of the story is bad things happen to people when third world Invaders are let into a civilized country. It also shows that the justice system really doesn’t work anymore, anywhere.

It would have been great if the OP provided a bit more info on why they were posting this particular matter so that we could have a more productive discussion about it.

Ok this is insane.

I guess if you kill someone in a DUI accident in France or shoot your spouse after a few glasses of whine you’re not criminally liable either?

IMHO, it is the appeasement of Islam and the Muslim THEOCRACY that is being carried out in the name of political correctness by dupes in governments all over Europe. These idiots are abandoning their own people to increase their chances of being elected in the future by the hoards of Muslims infiltrating their countries.

They are too chickenshit to tell them to go pound sand and take their Sharia Law bullshit back to an existing Muslim nation.

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That last sentence may need a rewrite.

Yeah. A “too” in front of chickenshit would go a long way to a fix.

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In what regard.