Murder by vaccine is not working. So they are going for hard kill

Population explosion is a problem.
There’s no denying.
They tried wars, GMO and forced vaccination, none of which is working.
So they came up with this:

Population explosion

Are you ssure it’s not working - over the longer term it might.
Have you noticed the icreased incidence of cancer lately - everyone knows someone who has it.

Vaccine is a nasty business. Its whole idea is to change the human DNA. It has little to do with immunity.

Healthy immune system will fight infections but vaccines weaken it. So what’s the whole idea? Population reduction.

Depopulation is working too slow to the taste of the banking elite. They want Earth population reduced to 500 million, which is less than 10% of current 7 billion, by 2030. I thought UN’s Agenda 21 was nasty but now they have something nastier. Agenda 2030.

Healthy immune systems didn’t do much during the Black Plague or the Influenza epidemic. However, I do admit, the strong do survive; so something to be said about natural immunity. The weak are weeded out. Grandma Vilula told me, during the influenza epidemic, neighbors on both sides died; but her family survived. Myself, I had West Nile; and it was scary, but here I am. I also had every immunization on the planet. Even the rabies immunization.

Cancer takes time to develop tumors.