Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves (David Wood)

With this new neo BLM campaign now a global phenomena and witnessing the destruction of statues of historical slave owners (Winston was not a slave holder), have the anarchist forgotten that the leader of the religion of peace owned slaves? Moreover, the leader of the religious of peace was also caught committing adultery with one of his slaves. Additional, the leader of the religion of peace surely used vile language to describe to describe black people. Should the religion of peace be subject to the same scrutiny?

There’s a whole history of Arab slavery in Africa, that predates the European slave trade by 400 years, which most would rather ignore.

It wasn’t 100 years after Muhammad died that Arab muslims had already began to set up a wholesale slave trade in the African continent.

The Arabs living outside of Africa mostly had no real need for slaves at this time, but eunuchs were in high demand to guard the harems. An exotic-looking black-skinned African slave was a novelty at that time, and a status symbol of wealth. Plus African slaves tended to be bigger and stronger than Arabs, and further this helped compensate for the procedure of castration. (Naturally, you needed to make sure your slave guards wouldn’t get any ideas with your women)