Mueller & His Angry Democrats Might Have LIED in the Report

WHERE IS JOSEPH MIFSUD? Has he been “suicided”?

While I’m not putting any stock in this yet it has also been suggested that the Obama administration was behind hacking the FISA judge.

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I covered this already in the Spygate thread.


It fits in well with this thread too…another item Mueller may have “inadvertently” overlooked.

I called Hillary a bitch in one thread. Does that mean I shouldn’t repeat it in another?

Just trying to be a good custodian here, as I make a concerted effort to keep that thread updated, so why create another when you don’t have to? I mean this with all due respect!

With all due respect, I inferred you were replying to @Rurudyne’s post…one that is not an OP but a reply to mine.

On review of the SPYGATE thread, I see you did mention this issue in post #65, 2 days ago.

However, I see no problem having a separate searchable thread linked to Mueller’s report and possible lies by his team.

Well there is also another thread dedicated to Mueller and his report so this is kind of redundant IMO, but its not for me to decide so whatever.

Is every post related to Trump supposed to be in a common thread?

My thoughts, this site needs nothing but Trump threads. Lol jk
I am still getting through this site…are there even common threads on this site?

There’s only one that comes close. The Rabbit Hole…has no topic…has 4,200 replies since Dec, 2018.

The Mueller report is nothing but an avenue for the Democrats to use to force Trump to resign

the problem is , it will backfire on them in 2020

I hope so.

In '16 I had no idea what would happen … otherwise I’d have laid in a big supply of popcorn and been watching the returns for the first sign of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

oh It will backfire and you are seeing it now

for two years the democrats said “Trump colluded with Russia” and the Mueller will finally nail his ass

Oops the report didnt link him

So now they are using Obstruction of justice…

The AG doesnt see it so now they are going after the AG

The hearing was a dog and pony show

I talk to some of my old friends living in Germany and Scotland and theyve said the Democrats look desperate now and they can see how much the Democrats hate Trump.

Clarify for them…
It’s not just Democrats. There are old timey Republicans… the new world order kind, the orthodox fiscal conservative kind, the pompous conservative intelligentsia … who hate Trump too. Some of them are maybe coming around but they certainly hated him from 2016 to 2018 and will even now harumph a solid “Told ya so” if tarriffs fail or some other Trump behaviorism gets us all in trouble.

While I agree that this is certainly a lie, and they knew it, it will never stick. The CIA or FBI no doubt fed them the bogus info on Mifsud. The liar who fed them that crap will never get held to account. They no doubt have some flimsy report from a shadowy source for the Mifsud story.

It’s almost too late now for Trump to clean house. Not only should scores of spooks have gotten fired by now but several “friendly” intelligence agencies in Europe should have been punished severely, they colluded in this big time. I’ll bet that there’s a mountain of “intercepts” from Europe of gossip about Trump and Russia and it has Brennan written all over it.

I venture that ALL of the establishment that has been making their families and friends rich by “serving the people” shudder at the thought of their cash cow being slaughtered. It makes no difference which party they work for.

Every time President Trump takes an action that threatens the flow of their revenue, their opposition to him (and all things connected to him) strengthens.