Mozambique: Voting Underway in Presidential Election


What Happened: Voting is underway in Mozambique’s presidential election, but Ossufo Momade, the candidate of the Mozambique National Resistance Movement, better known as Renamo, has already said his party will not accept any potentially “rigged” results, Bloomberg reported Oct. 14.

Why It Matters: Momade’s threat could set the stage for potential outbreaks of violence if accusations of electoral irregularities or vote manipulation emerge. The election will also provide a litmus test for the recently signed peace deal between Renamo and the Mozambican government, which stipulates the integration of the longtime militant group into the government and broader society.

Background: Mozambique’s political system remains unstable and fragmented along multiple political and social fault lines. However, massive energy reserves off the country’s north coast are expected to provide a windfall for Mozambique in the coming years.

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I am happy to see that the election is moving along peacefully. The political campaigns leading up to the election were excessively violent.

As you suggest in your write-up, Mozambique is a country with very valuable natural resources. This election will determine whether or not they can use those resources to improve their country. The odds aren’t in their favor but I hope for their sake things change.

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I think you’re too optimistic. Africa is lost without colonization. They can’t run countries on their own. How many more examples do we need of this before people admit the truth.

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Ehh - I don’t completely disagree with you; however, the continent of Africa is the last place anyone should be getting involved at this point. Let them struggle on their own and let the Chinese deal with it.

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This :point_up_2:

Just look at South Africa. The whites pay the taxes, without the whites paying taxes and driving the trucks and operating the power plants and treating people in the hospitals the entire system falls apart.

Africans suffer from very primitive forms of tribalism which has significantly hindered their progress. Meanwhile, in the majority of places considered to be the West, there historically has been a sense of collectivism amongst the people. This deviation is a significant factor as to why Africa is lagging behind.

Africa was a primitive shithole because it’s warm and food is readily available, so blacks didn’t evolve to function in modern societies. Africa today is a nightmare hellscspe because the West pumped billions of dollars worth of resources, medicine and food into the continent, enabling a colossal unnatural population boom in a genetic group that’s completely incapable of sustaining itself.

Yeah, well here in America that is long gone. I’ve never seen greater division.

I think that’s why he used the word “historically” which suggests that it used to be the way things are done…but now that we have so many third world shitbags here expect primitive tribalism to sink in.

UPDATE: International Observers Raise Concerns Over Oct. 15 Election in Mozambique


What Happened: International election observers have raised concerns over the conduct of Mozambique’s Oct. 15 vote amid reports of violence that influenced the election and at least 300,000 “ghost voters” who cast ballots in the southern Gaza province, among other irregularities, AP reported Oct. 17.

Why It Matters: Reports of irregularities are unlikely to prompt external powers, such as the European Union, to intervene. However, potential violations could upend the country’s peace process between the government and the Mozambique National Resistance Movement (Renamo), after the group’s leader said he wouldn’t accept any “manipulated results.”

Background: In recent years, Mozambican elections have been plagued by widespread violence, both before and after polls, due to political infighting and Renamo’s attempts to expand its influence.

Look at that. We have the same “ghost voter” problem as an African shithole country.