Most Stupid Things Democrats Say

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez surely needs a History lesson. More than that, she needs to be - history. Literally.
How she can compare the illegals at the detention centers as “Concentration camps” is more than disgraceful, but iniquitous.
Talk about a woman that is nothing more than an “Attention whore”.

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What she said was despicable.

Yes, and what she said made no sense. It had nothing to do with Immigration whatsoever.

I love these kinds of thread. There is a bottomless pit of stupid liberal stuff to post:

They must be truly proud of themselves as they make complete asses. It’s almost like watching “Jackass - The Political version”.


And media i given her the attention she desperately neds.

She doesn’t need any attention. Lol
And it’s not just that, she says things that make no sense. As if she really needs a History lesson on the Holocaust.

Not just concentration camps, like the one FDR put Japanese Americans in during WWII but she compared it to NAZI concentration camps which is just hideous, she really is a buffoon!

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AOC will be another Pelosi…

You mean like Trump promising to pay off the ND in 8 years, run balanced budgets, lock her up, be to busy as president to go golfing, or build a big beautiful wall.

She already is another Pelosi … Lol

What is with your comment “Lock Her Up”? Lol

Trump didn’t say that…his crowd was chanting “Lock her up!”

Well, she’s young and has a way to go.