Most likely 'End of the World scenario' in 2020-2030

The Flash-point could be anywhere couldn’t it. Pakistan V India: Pakistan have a ‘First Strike Policy’ and India are under a lot of pressure to change theirs to 'First Strike’ also.

Hot countries produce hot heads.

Iran has the mental capability and clandestine help required to build its own weapons, but the Israel dominated UN won’t let them.

China is getting crazier by the minute, threatening to forcefully suppress the millions of Hong Kong protesters. They’ve already banned bicycles and motorcycles from their cities. Foreigners can’t travel by bus or train. You need a Chinese ID to buy these and a good credit score. Foreigners can never become naturalized Chinese - it’s against their rules and regulations. A country as crazy as this and as anti-Christian, anti-human and with the potential to build undefendable hypersonic weapons; that’s almost certainly where the world will end.

With any sense they’ll destroy Israel while they’re at it.

I’m not worried about China. I think they are a paper tiger. They have a lot of people and can posture really well but everything they build falls apart. They have absolutely no idea how to do anything with quality in mind.

If Armageddon starts it will be in the Middle East. The populations of the Muslim world view every loony word of the pedophile’s book as absolute. They behead people, they stone people to death, they believe that every day without a worldwide caliphate is a sin. Once riled, they cannot be reasoned with; they are what happens when 14th century minds get nukes.

Elect a socialist and it’ll be the end of our culture.


Look at San Francisco and all of the disease just simmering below the surface. These diseases can spread beyond the homeless population.

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I’m waiting for the global economic collapse. There is more debt on the planet than there is wealth. That’s not a sustainable system. It’s a system that also requires growth year after year. That’s also not possible when debt exceeds wealth.

The planet is way overdue for a super bug that gets everyone sick and kills off 3/4 of the global population. If you are still living in a city, get out.

No thanks. If 3/4 of the world is dead, it’ll be in anarchy. I’m ok not being here. :))

Good for world peace

Very much so. And the more we screw with preventing natural resistance, the worse off it will be. Witness antibiotic resistance.

You can get out of the city, but gangs will find your hidey hole. To defend it, you’ll need a community working together. 24/7 well armed patrols, etc.

Seems that would exclude electronics and small appliances.

Why would you buy ink cartridge refills when you can buy a new printer with full cartridges for less than the refills?

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Yep, and dear leader came into office on the promise to eliminate US debt and run balanced budgets…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

So much for that.

The debt can be eliminated by the stroke of a pen.
Just like the US dollar which is created by the Fed out of thin air, the debt can be eliminated (if a Presidents declares that this is all fake)

Now, Lincoln and JFK lost their lives by trying to have the government issue money, and not the central banksters. But if Americans know the fake Fed mechanism and support the President, he can do it.

Seems like most plausible scenario to me also.

Not so flashy, just bad news.


This president doesn’t care about the ND. I agree with you concerning Lincoln/Kennedy.

ND is ranked #10 in the AP.

That is simply not true! I am a foreigner living in Hong Kong and just returned from China last week! I had no problem getting on a train while I was there and saw plenty of motorcycles and bicycles!

China is not crazy.
China has a clear agenda.
(Chicom, that is.)
I posted this, but no comments so far. How come?