MOST CORRUPT III: Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR: Forgotten History

Interesting insight about FDR and what he actually stood for in contrast to today’s Democrats; makes for even more interesting introspection of our nations history that was shaped by such leaders with a socialist bent. The most glaring insight that stood out the most was FDR’s uncanny interest in Adolph Hitler’s reforms taking place in Germany was something that gave FDR’s impetus for his own NEW DEAL reforms that almost mirrored what Hitler’s was doing in Germany prior to WWII.

Another aspect while watching these documentaries which by the way are very well researched, is the fact FDR, had to be be beaten down with some legislative loses due to the fact he went too far left with many of his social programs as well as violating US law that at times were seen overriding the constitution and the rights of Americans by his penchant for arbitrary decisions he was making for the many public works projects as well as getting the US into war.

Lastly the reason I am posting this here now is there is a lesson to be learned from our past especially when navigating the narrative of corruption in current day discourse. Where is the discussion to be had when you find the time to watch this special series and formulate your own conclusions and insights?

There is more on the subject at a later time

And yet he is idolized for putting America back to work. People forget how he pushed Japan into a corner to instigate the Pearl.Harbor attack. He was probably resposible for various " MISCOMMUMICATIONS" or lack or " Delayed " communications to Pearl.Harbor immediately prior to the attack. His idea to get the US out of the depression.

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Yep. My grandfather worked on a ‘new deal’ project in Massillon, Ohio. Look up Paul Brown Tiger Stadium. He did a lot of work on that.

There was the Tennessee Valley Authority Project, The Hoover Dam, but coincide that with how we entered World War II and its clear that Demorats are still using the same playbook as this Communist POS.


Absolutely it was communism. His namesake wife, a distant relative, was also a communist from Manhattan.

Churchhill even remark how FDR admired Stalin at many instances of having interacted with him during the famous photo-op he took with him and various correspondences during the big three meeting!

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Stalin originally was a worker at an oil refinery in Baku (now in Azerbaijan) owned by the Rothschilds.

That’s where the connection was made. A bankster dynasty and a potential Jooish dictator from Georgia, willing to kill tens of millions in Russia and Ukraine.

The same Rothschilds used Einstein to notify FDR that they would pay the FDR administration to develop nuke bombs.

It was FDR who shared the secrets and technologies of nuke bombs with the Soviet Union, another bankster empire under the cloak of communism.

How FDR gave the nuke secrets to the Soviets, his fellow communists.

“The Cold War” was a hoax.

Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, the 911 trial both resulted in innocent Americas being jailed.

Prior to Pearl Harbor, the United States passed economic sanctions against Japan, including trade embargoes on aircraft exports, oil and scrap metal, among other key goods.

Yeah, he jailed many people just for exercising their 1st amendment right.

He exported oil from California to Japan, just enough for it to continue a war for 3 years or so.

Nothing happens by chance.

4,000 Joos excaped death thanks to the warning given to them as to the exact timing of 911 false flag by staying away from the WTC and vicinity.

FDR forbade Admiral Kimmel, who thought something was fishy, to conduct aerial patrol outside Hawaii.

He put Japanese Americans, German Americans in concentration camps.

Imagine being told you had a week to pack up all your belongings. You can bring all the bedding, clothing, and toiletries you can carry, but you better find a way to store or sell just about everything else. Homes, cars, boats? Bargain them off for fractions of their worth, or find a friend and hope they keep things safe. Your family business? Liquidate your inventory in a panic sale. Crops and farmland? Sell or lease your land, and forget about seeing the profits from that harvest you’ve been toiling for all year.

These were just some of the many turmoils Japanese Americans faced 75 years ago this spring. As civilian exclusion orders were posted across West Coast cities, Japanese Americans learned they had a week to ten days to pack up their lives and report for indefinite incarceration.

And the Supreme Court agreed with FDR. Not one president has pardoned Kimmel since then.What a disgrace!!!

His wife was butt a$$ ugly and you’d be angry too if you had to wake up to that every morning!


33rd degree Freemason

I could not ever imagine wake up and looking at her!!!

Did they have any children I wonder?

I rhink FDR had a few children including a daughter.

It’s a perverted family to begin with.