Most amazing, scenic, dangerous, etc. train experiences

Never mind the language.
Some don’t like to fly but love trains.

1 Thailand
Market on train tracks
Accidents are frequent (among tourists)

2 Ecuador
Line connecting two of the highest mountains in the country
Earthquakes are frequent.

3 India
Very narrow ocean bridge at the mouth of the Ganga

4 Japan
Dangerous train tracks right at the foot of an active volcano that can erupt at any moment. Train slows down for tourists to take photos

5 Argentina - Chile
Very scenic over many bridges and tunnels
Does zigzag (switchback)

Tracks built during the gold rush in Alaska
Reopened for tourists

7 Australia
Tropical mountains
Popular among tourists

Connecting New Mexico and Colorado
Tracks at highest elevation in US

9 Bangladesh
Built over 150 years ago.
Ride at your own risk
Run to get a seat inside train in India

10 Thailand - Burma
Made famous by the movie Bridge Over River Kwai

11 Peru
Elevation over 4,000 meters
Built for mining purposes

12 Myanmar (Burma)
Train slows down over an old bridge 680 meters high, so that it won’t collapse

13 Switzerland
Special gears permit train to climb sleep inclines, at 48 degrees

14 Indonesia
Serpentine tracks between Jakarta and Bandung

15 Switzerland
Very scenic cable car


My future project


Have you used Train software? Traveling everywhere, running the Train? It has every major train line. You can just turn it on and it can run for 12 hours. You can go anywhere. It’s on Steam.

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Cool. I will give it a try. Thanks.

You get the Basic package which has a lot and can add any of the many modules on Train Lines you are interested in… all over the world. Train fanatics keep adding to the locations.

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Thanks for posting this, alot of cool info to look into for possible trips. My wife loves riding trains and when we are finally united we plan to do a trip on a train, I always wanted to explore scenic train routes. Mexico through copper Mountain route is pretty amazing and the Silverton Railroad in Durango Co is another.

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My grandfather from Minnesota worked on the train between Minneapolis to Wisconsin. I have that module. I bought it all on Steam. There are lots of videos from it on Youtube also.

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There is something special about trains and train travel which planes and cars/buses can’t offer.

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You are right about that. Going on a trip on a train always brings about excitement and a sense of adventure. Nothing like being able to see and experience unknown landscapes that gets etched into memories like an impressionist painting is indescribable. All the way from the stations we wait in to the destinations we arrive at, trains deliver something unique that a airplane can not. A memorable lived experience.

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That book Retroculture, also dwells on train travel.