Mosquitoes are smarter today. Gates and blood sucking insects

Did you notice today’s mosquitos are smarter and harder to swat? And they hide better, as if they have acquired characteristics of other insects.

Jim Stone points out, among other things,
New mosquitos can crawl through screens.
They hide in obscure places (and not on white walls)
They crawl the way fleas do. (Bed covers are no defense)
They fly up your trousers.
They are much quieter and you won’t hear them unless they are very close to your ears.,carry%20Zika%20and%20yellow%20fever.
“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is partnering with mosquito engineering company Oxitec to develop a male mosquito designed to kill off future generations of malaria-transmitting bugs.”
(Read: kill off future generations of human useless eaters)

Could it be new mosquitos are delivering vaccines to humans?

The Tiger Mosquito must be engineered. We have them now in CA. So small they look like gnats.

Apparently BATS are the best Mosquito eaters…up to a 1000 an hour.

I see Bat home boxes for sale on Amazon. holds 75 bats. People apparently put these boxes on 15 + foot poles .or up high on the house where they can harvest guano for fertilizer without it getting on the cement or house.

You don’t need any Chinese Cave bats.