More US taxpayers' money for a failed state

What happened to Kosovo?
It became independent courtesy of NATO/EU but now it’s a failed state.

Ukraine, next?

This is just a proxy fight with Russia. Unfortunately for the Ukrainians, the Russians will likely shred whatever materiel we give them.

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If I quote Bibi, does that make me a crazed Zionist?
If I quote Albert Einstein, does that make me a theoretical physicist?
If I quote Russia Insider, does that make a Russian bot?

(I’m actually beginning to enjoy this.)

You would rather see Ukraine fall back into Russian hands? Duly noted

Hah! And you are quoting the pro-Russian and pro-Kremlin antisemitic “Russia Insider”. Nice

Wait a minute…:flushed:

Trumps not going to give my tax dollars away like that surely…

I think we should cut off all aid to all foreign countries and use the money here in America. We shouldn’t be giving entire countries, welfare.

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Yep, agreed…