More Terrorism in Germany

It is not clear the extent injuries caused yet by another fake refugee from Syria who hijack a truck ramming into several cars causing serious injuries. This happens in Germany everyday now, under-reported by the news media.

And I often wonder what else is being under-reported by the news media in these countries, especially Sweden. I’ll bet there are police no-go areas all over Sweden. It looks like they’re cranking it up a notch. If I were to be mown down by a truck I’d hope I’d be killed rather than mutilated for the rest of my life.

Then when civil war breaks out, politicians are sitting in their ( secure ) offices, staring off into space & drooling; saying, how did this happen?

There are plenty of no go areas in Germany. People do not talk about it so often.

Christmas season is almost here. They must be practicing for their annual truck rampages through the Christmas markets.


And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power.

In other news, the country of Germany hides in the closet and cries while three big African immigrants slam its wife.

They’re not hiding in the closet because they’re afraid, they’re hiding because they invited the Africans to rape their wives and daughters and are ashamed that they’re enjoying it the way they are.

It’s almost as if they expect violent third world jihadis to become civilized and politely rape and murder them all.

Thing about Germany ( if you know your history ), right or wrong, if they get the right leader, then the shit storm can begin. Just sayin. Of course, if they attempt to save their country & culture, no doubt the UN will brand them barbarians. Since most ( but not all ) UN countries are also going down in flames from their open door policies; and we all know, misery likes company.

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad?

I honestly couldn’t believe when the Schengen Agreement - the abolition of border controls between all member states - was passed and implemented. At first I couldn’t understand why they’d all give free access without knowing who’s entering into their countries - crims, paedos, murders on the run etc - but then I thought ‘Ah right - it’s to save the costs of border control staffing and infrastructure - there can’t possibly be any other reason.’ Now chickens are coming home to roost?

Well, the world ain’t alone; here in the states, we got this. Something that has been & is totally ignored by our liberals. Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - memorial .asp

Crikey, I didn’t know it was bad as that. Think yourself lucky you can built a wall - we can’t build one around the UK. And when you think about it - this whole migration thing (here in Europe) is because the west didn’t go into Syria to assist the Syrians and Russians to eradicate IS.

There are many other lists of American humans being killed by primitives. I proposed ( it didn’t fly ), two twelve foot chain link fences that parallel each other & running the length of the border, with a 100 yard no mans land between them. The no mans land seeded with German S Mines.

There were two more stabbings here last night, both of them of young lads. I think there have been over a thousand overall in the UK in the last 12 months and no sign of it ending. I’d guess that most of them are gang-related, but quite a few are terrorist-related, and perpetrated by some lone wolf jihadist.

I’ve only just seen that - I posited exactly the same idea some months ago on another forum. Great minds think alike? lol

That occurred to me when a massive truck passed me inches away at speed as I walked along the pavement yesterday. The kinetic forces were frightening - not a good way to go?

They had the right leader. Now he’s being decried as the worst leader in all of history by the victors of that war.