More Police Murdered!

Two Italian police officers have been shot dead at police headquarters in Trieste after a detained robbery suspect managed to steal one of their firearms and opened fire on Friday afternoon.**

The suspect, a Dominican migrant who has been described as having ‘psychiatric problems’, is said to have asked to use the bathroom before he grabbed a police officer’s gun and shot him and another officer at point-blank range, the Daily Mail reports.

This kind of thing proves the sheer insanity of immigration without carrying out prior checks - that nobody knows who’s coming in. I’d take a guess that for every 10 genuine asylum seekers there are 50 opportunists, from layabouts who don’t want to work (nor do they have to in European countries??) and fraudsters, to paedophiles, murderers, and Islamists. And still they come! There’s some serious shit just around the corner for all Euro countries.