More Liberal Revisionist History


When I was stationed in Norfolk, VA in the 80’s, C&P Telephone published a phone book with a cover that showed a carrier returning from a six-month deployment being greeted at the pier by the sailor’s families.

Someone complaied that there weren’t enough black or brown faces in the picture.

Now mind you, this was a photograph. A moment in time captured on film. The actual way it happened.

C&P photo retouched the picture and issued replacement phone book covers to anyone who wanted one.

Libs get that revisionist inclination from a mistaken belief that man will only think or do what he has seen or heard around him… that he has no innate beliefs or wants. So libs believe that if a black man never sees another black man in a favorable light, then that black man will never have the spark of individual initiative and creativity… that he will never want to be among those who are viewed favorably. What’s interesting in this racial case is the implicit belief among libs that a man is only a color, that he never thinks of himself as a man first and colored man second. I believe that is more evidence of libs projecting their own racist belief than it is evidence of the inner thoughts of a normal man about himself.

So what you are saying is that for some, distorting reality is better actual reality?

The only way to respond to those fussing at such times is to not care that they’re upset. You caring is their emotional currency. If you care they, like the Danes who get paid Danegeld in Kipling’s poem, never go away, they’ll never be satisfied. They will just find more to be upset about no matter how trivial.

Given the option of getting along with the race pimps by surrendering daily and being hated by them and those that support them I would choose the latter.

That they have more and more time to be oppressed by statues and place names, by pictures and facts, even by books and math among the looniest of the looney – never mind that some now demand segregation to be safe from all the whiteness that oppresses just by existing – is part and parcel of the fact that the real racism of the old days is largely gone. They don’t have the ideological narcotic that they are intellectually and emotionally addicted to from its traditional sources and so some folks have to conjure it up … even if that means being a Jussie.

I can just see the millennials reading this post. Photograph? Phone book? What’s that?

As a geezer, I still prefer paper to computer files, but even I immediately recycle the phone book these days when it gets dropped on my driveway.

Funny story: I lived in Thailand for a couple years, and their phone book was amusing. Thais have very long surnames, a typical name would be Boonrit Titiratsakul. Even they found those surnames to be a nuisance, the phone book would be alphabetized by their first names, so it would list all the Boonrits.

On top of that, women often had very short nicknames, so Yingluck Shinawatra might be known as Pu.

The three laws of Stupid Dynamics

  1. the accumulation of stupidity

Once it exist ideological stupidity accumulates in the minds of true believers in proportion to their lack of hardships in their everyday life.

  1. the conservation of stupidity

Stupidity, even more than evil, is the a lasting accomplishment enduring after them in any life that has graduated from mere reckless foolishness, your proverbial “Hey, y’all watch me do this.”, to one where their ideology makes the survival of others and the culture LESS likely.

  1. the gravitas of stupidity

Real stupidity than can threaten many cannot be accomplished by the merely dumb and ignorant but requires maleducation, intellect and credentials to find a niche where it can do the most harm: the truly Stupid rise to the highest position in society that their fellow travelers have yet taken control of.

Don’t you know the ONLY SLAVES IN THE RECORDED HISTORY OF OUR PLANET, were blacks on white owned Southern American plantations. Pretty much what my grandchildren were taught in our taxpayer funded public schools. That is, until I entered the picture. I used all the ammunition in my arsenal; that being TRUTH & REALITY. Ya just can’t beat truth. It just never changes.

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A great example –

Most millennials don’t have a clue what this picture shows.