More college educated adults vote for Democrat.. good or bad?

Well let’s see… democrats brag that more college educated women vote for Democrats, let’s take a deeper dive.
Where do they live?
San Francisco, Boston, NYC, Chicago.
What do they have in common?
Crime, drug overdoses, poverty.

Let’s see where do republican woman live?
Florida, north Dakota, Alabama. Even in towns with almost no crime in Massachusetts the towns that vote Republican almost no crime.

Yes poverty in republican areas but you don’t see a huge wage gap like you do in democratic run areas.

So when democrats brag more college educated vote Democrat, simply point out the data. And ask how is that considered educated?

College educated or college indoctrinated? If educated, they would never vote Democrat.

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You’re right about that, how do you like this picture? .

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Education fosters tolerance. ROTFLMAO. Must be another reason as democrats are most intolerant.