Montage – Biden struggles to form coherent sentences

Oh my this is not going to age well. If Biden becomes President, (Heaven forbid) then we are in serious trouble. This video should leave no doubt.

I believe that his entire campaign is predicated on not being charged by the DOJ for his inappropriate dealings in Ukraine. The man is an elderly blithering idiot who should be retired and at home with his grandkids…if only his child would acknowledge their legitimacy.

That he even made it this far tells you we are in serious trouble.

Not that he doesn’t sound like a man trying to cover up for having dementia but all of the blunders he has made throughout his career. Not to mention his second hand profiteering through his crackhead son.

It’s all artificial. he has no real support and no one is turning out to see him. I agree with @ProudAmerican this is all designed so he could play the victim with Ukraine

If he has not real support, why then was he given a platform in the debates?

That is a very good point and I never really considered that as a motive to deflect.

For the optics of playing the victim of course.