Monsieur Macron Retreats





Macron’s troubles have only just started

French POLICE threaten to protest against Macron’s government as Yellow Vest demonstrators are joined by the ‘blue vests’


The weasel spoke


‘The European elections will be about Merkel and Macron vs. Orban and Salvini, and the latter are winning’




I stayed at Hotel California in Paris about 20 years ago. No issue with a sink in the bathroom but that was my only experience at a hotel in Paris. Given the information available today, it is pretty amazing not to have a sink for hand washing in a bathroom.


Only a deluded Europhile would call telling the truth about the EU, lying


I don’t see him so much as being a Europhile in the true sense.
More of a Soviet/Socialistphile trying to set up a failed system that Poland and Hungary so bitterly suffered in the resent past. They and their countrymen were oppressed by Stalin’s socialist dictatorship so they will actually fight for their freedoms from the likes of little man Macron!
Down with USSE or United Socialist States of Europe.
Va-t’en petit homme Macron.
Wake up Western Europe!!


All this “Diversity” bull crap being pumped down the European’s throats is an attempt to delude the memories of those who have suffered and died from Commie oppression (USSR), with ignorant opportunistic newcomers that have no compassion for their host nations. Divide and conquer again.
Similar with what is going on in America.


Which is slightly different to simply discounting the wishes of one’s people, and otherwise exploiting them.


At last! …a person apparently endowed with some honour.



That should fan the flames.


I’m going to need more popcorn. :popcorn:


The Greeks can’t afford to, they are into the other EU nations for hundreds of billions from their bailout. If they left odds are the EU would call their notes and collapse their economy.

The only way Greece gets out is if the EU implodes completely.


The gas from very ripe Frenchmen is even worse. :grinning:


Have you ever smelled a French woman in the summer without it?


…or if they sequestrate the billions their corrupt ex-politicians have in Swiss banks.

More likely that the EU will implode completely


That’s right! Greece’s onerous debt was imposed by backdoor deals between French and German banks and corrupt Greek politicians that are traitors to their country. French and German Banks were failing after the Leaman Brothers colapse so they devised their sinister plan. Blame Greece. Then Portugal, Italy and Spain, even Ireland.