Monsieur Macron Retreats



Long over due.

Finally the French people see what they have done to themselves.




We can only hope.

Should I be getting this much joy from watching this play out?


Perhaps people in the US will finally get a clue.




If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the diminutive Macron, think again

French Police Union Calls on Police to Join Yellow Vests’ Protests


What is the outcome of that vote?


I see Yellow vest movement hit London Westminster Bridge.


Little Napoleon survived the vote


Polish PM: Federal EU Superstate ‘Not What Europeans Desire’


But is is what the unlaced EU leaders want.


I would like to see Poland and Hungary put the question to their people if they want to be in the club. It’s about time the dominoes started falling.

EDIT: Italy are ripe for it too.




Someone in the UK should be dong the same thing.


And if the Italians were to do it, the Greeks would also follow


No the Greeks would not follow.
The EU commission has their politicians by the short’n’curlies


The Greeks have been protesting in mass but the NWO media shows nothing. The POS prime minister Tsipras has sold his soul to the Rothchild’s bagman, Sorros. Traitor Tsipras went to make a speech in Salonica this weekend and had 3,000 riot police protecting him! The arena he spoke in seated 4k and he couldn’t get it filled. In Greece the police use military grade teargas that is toxic. The reason people are protesting there is Sorros has decided to carve out a greater macedonia out of Northern Greece and FYROM with the capital Skopie, which historically has nothing to do with Greek Macedonia. Skopie is half Slavic Boulgarians and half Albanians,(which both btw sided with Nazi Germany in 1940). It’s a mess created by Communist Tito in 1949. The country was called Vardaska up until then. All of Greece is protesting but you hear nothing about it cause it goes contrary to the globalist agenda. All nationalists in Greece are considered right wing extremist by the commie left media.


Things are getting interesting in Europe.

Thousands march in Brussels against U.N. migration pact

Far-right supporters attend a protest against Marrakesh Migration Pact in Brussels, Belgium December 16, 2018. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Thousands of people marched in Brussels on Sunday against a U.N. pact aimed at fostering cooperation on migration, eclipsing a smaller demonstration in support of the deal, the signing of which brought down Belgium’s government last week.

Police said some 5,500 people marched in the bigger protest, organized by Flemish right wing parties in the part of the capital where main European Union institutions are located.

A separate counter-demonstration of around 1,000 people, organized by left-wing groups and non-governmental organizations, took place in the city center.

Belgian right-wing N-VA, which is the biggest party in parliament, pulled its ministers from the ruling coalition last week after Prime Minister Charles Michel refused its demand that he not sign the U.N. migration compact in Marrakesh.

Michel had secured a large parliamentary majority in favor of maintaining Belgium’s support of the U.N. text, with support from the opposition socialists and greens. Critics said the N-VA’s move was the opening shot in a campaign before federal elections in May.

The U.N. pact was agreed in July by all 193 U.N. members except the United States, but only 164 formally signed it at the meeting last Monday.


Meanwhile in Canada…