Moment men fight with knives in the street as Brixton party turns to brawl

I am no expert in why anarchist spontaneously erupt out of no where and then cause out of control chaos. But both in Stuttgart (DE) and Brixton this past week out of control spontaneous rioting,looting, battery and destruction of private property by seemingly the same looking people as those in the United States. Is there some common social reason?

Import the 3rd world become the 3rd World.

I have zero sympathy for the police, none at all. It was reported the revellers were asked to call a halt to it, but I’d bet the plod threatened to impose fines and arrests if they didn’t, and THAT’S what really kicked it off. And it could catch on - civil disobedience on a grand scale. And then guess what - the military will be on the streets before you can say 'Go ‘ome, go ‘ome’ - you’re killing people.’!!

This is our life now. Constant fear of terror attacks from people with no right to even be in our land.