Mom and boyfriend accused of murdering her four-year-old daughter by torturing her to death


Mom and her boyfriend accused of murdering her four-year-old daughter after the girl’s dead body was found covered in bruises and human bite marks

Autumn Horak was found ‘pulseless and not breathing’ Friday morning in her home in Montana Avenue, South Milwaukee

Autumn’s mom, Christina Collado, 21, and her boyfriend, Jerome Millen, 22, are accused of causing her death, after she suffered physical abuse from Millen

The little girl was found wearing only a diaper and her body was covered in bruises, human bite marks and burns

Millen confessed to abusing Autumn including beating her, covering her mouth, and holding a pillow over her face the night before she was found dead

‘If all the injuries caused (the child) to die, it’s my fault, my fault,’ he told cops

Collado said she had seen Millen bite her daughter twice

She admitted to cops if she had protected her daughter she would still be alive

Millen is charged with physical abuse of a child resulting in death

Collado is charged with chronic neglect of a child resulting in death

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The punishment and end result that they should face should be the same type of pain and suffering that they caused to this defenseless little girl.

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These charges all seem a bit light considering that they beat, burned, and bit this little girl to death.


I want these two kept alive and well into old age…with the exception that they have to be tortured daily by anyone who wants to blow off some steam. Then they can burn in hell for eternity, after they die of old age and natural causes.

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Unmarried, single mothers are among the primary causes of the collapse of Western Civilization.

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Prison will not be kind to either of them.

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Give them to me; I will keep them alive for months. A Public TV thing; and maybe 50 or 60 episodes. Tune in tomorrow & see what a cage full of starved rats can do when placed over someone’s head. The season finale would be the liquid nitrogen enema.

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This crime is sick and disgusting .I agree the charges aren’t serious enough. I also agree that both of them should suffer every day of imprisonment .There isn’t any reason possible to justify this type of abuse and it isn’t becsuse of some psychosis .

I don’t know how these police officers restrain themselves when they arrive at a crime scene like this.

How incredibly sad.

Imagine the number of wonderful couples who would have adopted this beautiful soul and made her a part of a loving and wonderful family.

They will probably claim addiction and mental illness and be out in 5 years smoking meth and killing more kids.

There is always the chance of a few sympathetic jurors being seated and a psychiatrist that will come up with a lame diagnosis fo excuse their behavior