Mollie Tibbetts Trial Delayed So Illegal Has More Time To Throw Out Confession

"The murder trial, which was supposed to begin in September, has now been pushed to November 12 as Bahena Rivera’s attorney continue their effort to have the illegal alien’s alleged confession of the murder thrown out so a jury never hears the statements.

Since March, Bahena Rivera has claimed that he was not read his Miranda Rights by police when he was first questioned and, therefore, all of his statements made during the questioning should be inadmissible in court.

Most recently, prosecutors said they have DNA analysis that has confirmed that Tibbetts’ blood was in the trunk of the illegal alien’s car.

At the start of the case, Bahena Rivera began making multiple requests, including asking that he not be called an “illegal alien” and demanding additional American taxpayer money to fund a private investigation for his defense.

Bahena Rivera’s latest request was granted in which he asked that the trial and jury pool selection be moved to a less white, more Hispanic-populated county, suggesting that he would not have a fair trial from a predominantly white American jury."

He shouldn’t be in a position to make any “demands”. He “demands” not to be called an illegal alien. Too bad, you are.

He “demands” more taxpayer money for a private investigation into his defense. Wonder how that is working out for him.

He “demands” a more Hispanic populated county. What a moron. What is he trying to say, that legal Hispanic citizens are more inclined to forgive murder? Kripes, he might have a better chance with the liberal white virtue signalers.

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Her father will see to all of his demands. He sacrificed his daughter to his liberal ideology.

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Amazing, isn’t it? …

The parents should be outraged. Instead they will throw themselves in front of the camera declaring that diversity makes them better Iowans. If some beaner had raped and killed one of my children, they wouldn’t need a fucking wall. I guess that’s the difference between us and them.


They are angling to get this thrown out of court. If they can’t get it thrown out, they want the same victory that the illegal who murdered Kate Steinle got:

Next, they will have an interpreter tell the court on behalf of the jury that murdering white girls is just part of Hispanic culture and who are they to judge.

In Many jurisdictions he’d succeed easily, In small town Iowa the odds are not in his favor.

Sad, but quite likely true.

Let’s hope he gets off. It will destroy whatever faith the Boomers still have in our “justice” system.


Not just get off but get off get with a GoFundMe of at least 250k then turn around and sue the state for 10 million…and win.

And tell us why you think boomers like the current justice system?

While other ages have even less trust, boomers don’t trust it either.

In fact, a little application of math plus an age demographic chart would tell you that there are more people who are NOT boomers who trust the justice system than there are boomers who trust the judicial system.

But you would likely have to get a Boomer to do the arithmetic for you.

The mother also took in members of his family after he went to jail for murdering their daughter.

These are levels of cuckoldry that have never before been seen.

While I think the parents are probably sincerely decent, forgiving Christian folks with all the hate that was thrown there way I suspect much of that was simply self preservation.