Mixologists Behold: The Jellyfish Shot

The jellyfish shot combines a sickly sweet collection of liqueurs (blue curacao and sambuca) with vodka and a drop of cream to make a cocktail that is gorgeous to admire, even if you couldn’t pay me enough to drink one.


Jellyfish shot pic.twitter.com/Ifk4BjyTts

— Universal Curiosity (@UniverCurious) September 20, 2019

( via Super Punch )

Sounds disgusting but looks cool as hell. Good use of liquids with different densities.

Jellyfish is a nice PC name for this shot. I would call it the Cum Drop. Any bartender that calls it that will sell a ton of them, especially on girls nights or to bachelorette parties.

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I would call it…the cum dumpster and give it out free to girls who arrived with, or showed interest in, black guys.

If you did that you’d be the only one in the bar buying them drinks lol