Mitch McConnell is being Called out For the Decepticon that He is!

This is getting to be a very contentious issue for Trump, who is now threatening the interests of the Big Military Industrial First the Issue with McConnell and then Rand Paul’s epic calling out McConnell!

Mitch has been opposing Trump since he first declared his run for POTUS.

He pretty well defines “Establishmentarian” to a T.

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McConnell can support anything he wants but you need proof of grounds for impeachment. and they don’t have it. They may want to impeach, but where are there facts… they don’t have any. We’ll have to wait and see but I’ve not been worried about impeachment for Trump; neither side has anything or they already would have impeached.

Those who have followed Mitch McConnell for a long time will immediately notice the republican names in his coalition. They are the identical recipients of direct payments made by U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue.

Notice also that Senator McConnell timed his rebuke against President Trump to take place just prior to the State of the Union address.

In addition to demanding perpetual war (and all the financial benefits therein), the republican vote is a signal to the republican President that he will not be allowed to defy the will of the Big Club.

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He’s right. Good speech.

Yep! You nailed it! Its also why NAFTA was such a big deal to them as well and how it is connected to the border issue. Hmm! Yeah they couldn’t get a wall budget when they had control of both houses? Hmm Yeah! I have a hard time with believing anything McConnell does along with his scumbag buddy Mittens Romney!

People constantly conflate “Republican” with “Conservative”. Having a republican majority means nothing unless your majority is large enough to defeat both the democrats and the Rino’s.

I find it hard to accept the notion that Syria makes a big difference in the military industrial complex’s bottom line. So why would they care?

Some people are just hung up on the phrase and never give it any actual thought. They just repeat it over and over. It’s like having the same idiot go by your house fifty times a day with the same damned bumper sticker that never changes.

Are you expecting an honest answer from someone with an obvious allegiance to a foreign country?

This is all about Israel and the neverending loop of US foreign aid to Israel and US foreign military sales to Israel. We give Israel money, Israel takes that money and buys US military tech, Israel then uses that tech in the region to poke their neighbors and gain more land mass.

Want an example? Look at Syria and the Golan Heights.