Missouri bill would require adults aged 18-34 to own AR-15

A Missouri state representative’s proposed bill could have people up in arms.

House Bill No. 1108, sponsored by Rep. Andrew McDaniel, R-Deering, stated that “[e]very resident of this state shall own at least one AR-15.”

The bill would establish the “McDaniel Militia Act,” which would require those aged 18-34 not legally prohibited to possess a firearm to own a semi-automatic rifle that is modeled on the AR-15 design by ArmaLite, Inc.

“Any person who qualifies as a resident on August 28, 2019, and who does not own an AR-15 shall have one year to purchase an AR-15. Any resident qualifies as a resident after August 28, 2019, and does not own an AR-15 shall purchase an AR-15 no later than one year after qualifying as a resident,” the bill stated.


Missouri Republican state Representative Andrew McDaniel wants to force every 18–35 year old in his state to own an AR-15 and a handgun. At least, that’s what two bills, quietly filed by McDaniel in the Missouri legislature late last month, would have you believe. The truth, however, is that McDaniel is a cynical dickhead using these mandatory requirements as a scam for media attention.

“I merely planned for media to write about it but would ultimately amend it to take out the mandates and requirements (age and type of gun) and turn it into a gun tax credit bill,” McDaniel told Splinter in an email.

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Nice trolling of stupid liberal rags :rofl:

Good for him - the media likes to spin things for clicks. He took advantage of their stupidity and total unwillingness to fact check anything anymore.

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I think this is a pretty good idea. They give tax credits for pretty much everything else, why not for buying a gun?

Yeah, it would look even better if the bill actually ended up passing! What a huge embarrassment that would be for the left. Then again it wouldn’t be surprising coming from a state that gave us Quantil’s Raiders!

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Not 100%, but I believe Switzerland does have a similar law.

I think you are correct on that assumption. Its a requirement as part of their national defense doctrine that says every citizen has to have a gun per household.

Unlike the US, Switzerland has mandatory military service for men.

All men between the ages of 18 and 34 deemed “fit for service” are given a pistol or a rifle and trained.

After they’ve finished their service, the men can typically buy and keep their service weapons, but they have to get a permit for them.

Yes again you are correct! I always thought that the US should pass a similar law making it a requirement that every citizen needs to serve a two year term in the military. Might bring back obedience to our culture than the unruly lefty’s bent on destroying the country!

The only reason our country exists is because of our military. No matter how you look at it, THAT"S THE REASON. The irony is, the cowards who ridicule & criticize our armed forces, have no problem living in the same country safe & sound, because they are protected by the people they judge. Go figure that one.