Millions of Women are Whoring Themselves Out to Pay for College

Reminder: Usury is fucked and is destroying the fabric of our country. It enables degeneracy. It’s the reason why Hitler was elected for no reason at all.

Congress continues to put pressure on websites that appear to aid in the solicitation of sex work

President Donald Trump’s administration is partly responsible for a new wave of college students seeking out “sugar daddies” to pay off their student loans, according to a web service dedicated to facilitating such relationships.

A recent statement by SeekingArrangement, a website which matches “sugar mommies” and “sugar daddies” with “sugar babies,” argues that U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos* is “seemingly waging war against tens of thousands of student loan borrowers.”

“Rather than look to Washington for relief, more than two million students are turning to Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies,” the site claims.

These women are going to hit the wall by 30 with no life skills, a useless degree, childless and alone. It will be fitting when these overpriced whores are giving 5 dollar handlies at truck stops and feel their true worth.

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Damn, I hate being right all the time, then proven that it’s even worse than my pessimism said. I said for a while that I’d rather my daughter be a stripper than a college girl, as she’d be just as big a whore, but not have 6 figures of debt.

College girls aren’t just whores in the figurative sense anymore.

Right. We did not not have sugar babies or sugar daddies until recently.


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No kidding. It may be more commonly acceptable today but this is certainly nothing new.

That is factually untrue on it’s face.

So where are the feminists demanding gender equality on “dating” site like this? And lets look at the gender pay gap in “sugaring” while we’re at it.

Jokes aside, this has been well “known” when I was doing my undergrad from 2010-15. I knew or knew of girls that “web camming” and / or have “premium snapchats” as a side hustle to “pay” for college. And let me tell ya, I dont think they were in STEM (well, some “aspiring lawyers” maybe).

Web scamming wasn’t even a thing when I was in college.

Hard to believe we went from punch cards and magnetic tape to internal hard drives and the internet in less than a decade.

I very much doubt that millions of women are whoring themselves for college. Perhaps thousands, but even that is doubtful.

I’m not so sure it’s very far off considering just how completely debased the western world has become.

Trump is responsible? Fucking idiots… I heard the phrase “Everyone wants a sugar daddy till daddy wants some sugar” back in the 80’s. Do these fuckwits really think it’s new for women to use sex to get ahead? (No pun intended)

Well I’m sure we’ll hear from the left how it’s Trump’s fault and from the ■■■ Haters it’s Israel’s fault before it’s all over.

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You can be right sometimes.
It’s the banking system, st-pid

Which has exactly zero to do with the cost of college today.

A wealthy art collector got a call from his lawyer wanting to chat with him about something “important”.

“Can we hurry? I’ve got a client to see in ten minutes.”

“Okay, then, well it seems your wife bought a couple of pictures for $5,000 each that may be worth as much as 30 million when all is said and done.”

“Th- THIRTY?!? Wow can that woman find them! What great news! What are they, who are they by?”

“Well they’re by a local and are of you and your secretary.”