Miller Lite has gone woke

Just yesterday, the loser Jizzard was saying how he is going to be drinking this shitty beer.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, workers were paid with beer. I suppose beer increased efficiency.

Good thing they didnt have woke beer. If they were drinking woke beer, the Chinese would have beat them easily.

Leave it to women to brew one of the sh****est beers out there. :rofl:


Its always been a shitty piss water beer and dont know why John Madden shilled for them, other than they paid him well to do the commercials. WTF is going on with the lit beers going woke? This will be another brand committing suicide. This is part of the culture war!


If you travel in Belgium, a very small country compared with US, you always find locally brewed beer. I tried to remember the name of particular beer because I really liked it.

As I went to a next town and asked for that beer, the guy said: We dont have that here. But we have something much better. Try it.

The Chinese learned from the Germans how to make beer. Go figure. I think is was during Empress Tzu-hsi rule in 1903 that Tsing Tsao was first established.

I like trying beers but cant have too much of it. Get too drunk as the beers are much stronger.

Come to think of it, there was no such thing as beer throughout East Asia.

You know, rice culture vs wheat culture.


Fking rocket fuel! Never again will I drink this!

My liver hurts just from the smell of this stuff. I remember many years ago when dining with clients having to drink this stuff and I regretted it ever since!

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