Mike Bloomberg Wants to turn White House into Shitty Cube Farm if Elected

Remember - assholes like Bloomberg are the reason that you have no privacy in the office anymore. These executives like putting the “team” out in the open like this, but they retreat back to their Executive suite whenever they decide. Meanwhile, you are stuck out in the open cesspit smelling the day old reheated fish that one of your coworkers brought in.

This is how this idiot would run the country. No privacy, incessant demands, constant erratic direction, inefficient, and wasteful.

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I guess interior design of office space is a top priority for his campaign. At least we know where his primary focus area will be.

Here’s a good article from Bloomberg that describes how unproductive open office plans are and how dissatisfied they make employees.

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Which not only shows how out of touch he is, but also narcissistic too. What an asshole!

Yeah…I just got done working in an office like this. It fucking sucked. The execs would force everyone to meet on this massive oval couch. Awkward and stupid. They had their office along the windows and everyone else had to sit at open tables. I think 80% of the people there were downright homicidal.

This is a very strange thing to focus on as part of your campaign. I’m not really sure who he is trying to appeal to with this? Certainly, employees would not want to work in an environment like this. The American people won’t care what the office space looks like as long as results are being achieved. Odd.

Does the world need another businessman? Albeit a successful one as opposed to the bankrupt charlatan in the WH. Businessman does not translate well to being a political leader.

I’m not a supporter of Bloomberg, but at least he’s impressive and competent. He was laid off at 39 when he had to start down the path that led to billions (no trust fund baby like POTUS here). Bloomberg only became a Republican to run for mayor (let’s try not to fault that because those old city machines have very slow turning wheels)…and his record seems generally efficient with an ability to assemble a good team.

Makes complete sense Shadow, Odd that you’d oppose it.

You sound like someone who has never worked in an office environment. It makes no sense. It is loud, disruptive, and completely unproductive.


Monte Crusty just loves playing the devils advocate on every post. He doesn’t actually think about his responses to give a weighted thought that provides a reasonable argument!

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Right, but he’s running against the trust baby so he’s automatically bad.

Okay expert, then tell me what Bloomberg is actually running on. No one disputes his business achievements, which are incredibly impressive. Bloomberg, the political animal, is something different and those of you who seem to be advocating for him in this thread haven’t been able to articulate anything beyond what Bloomberg did as a businessman.

I didn’t claim to be an expert. That’s something you threw up to knock down. But I do know how to read. If you’d do the same, you wouldn’t have to ask such questions.

Then how can you claim to know anything about why people might be opposing Bloomberg?

You don’t know anything about his campaign or platform to begin with.

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I made no such claim. I asked why a poster would oppose what’s in the op.

The guy who created the OP explained why he opposed it. Maybe you should actually read threads before you start your incessant shitposting.

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And of course you have no way of knowing what my knowledge of Bloomberg’s platform is.

Your lack of knowledge is apparent.

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Hey, instead of snark and nastiness, why don’t you read Bloomberg’s presidential campaign platform that I posted for you and learn what he’s advocating…