Mike Bloomberg Thinks Farmers Are Retarded

According to Mike Bloomberg, farmers are basically high functioning retards. So are machinists.

I think this guy wants to set a record for the amount of money spent to intentionally lose an election.

Oh wow.

What an uninformed idiot he is.

In order to farm successfully you have to have a ton of education from soil and how to manage it with nutrients, irrigation, knowledge of equipment and machinery plus the ability to know how to turn a profit.

OK Mike; now show me how to do it on 96,000,000 acres. The US is the largest corn producer in the world, with 96,000,000 acres of land reserved for corn production. Corn growth is dominated by west/north central Iowa and east central Illinois .

Penn State Agricultural College may have a different option of Mike’s genius.

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Hell, I tried it on a 10 x 10 area of my back yard. I got some things to grow and others I failed miserably at.

Someone ought to buy Mikey a tomato plant and see how well he does with it.

Farmers are the people I respect the most! It’s where our food comes from! I am sure when the idiotic Bloomturd is eating his 100 dollar steak with baby spinach sprinkled with pine nuts in some plush country club, he doesn’t give it a second thought where that food he is eating comes from! Talk about a moron it seems he is the one lacking grey matter!

Bloomberg should realize that more math gets taught at agricultural schools than schools of journalism.

What I said; on occasion we all enter the realm of stupidity; but people like Mike actually work at it.

I’m a well read gardener; and know the tricks; but 1,000s of acres is more than I could ever handle. I know many farmers in my area; and farming is a labor of love. Easier way to make a living. Like being mayor of NY.

He wasn’t going to win any farmers’ votes anyway.

Limousine Liberals say the darndest things! :rofl:

I seriously doubt that Mike Bloomberg has the grey matter to operate modern farm equipment or even begin to understand medium to large scale agriculture.

This is a great example of how disconnected Mike Bloomberg is from reality. Agriculture is on the leading edge of technology implementation and deployment. Farms make significant investments in artificial intelligence, big data, drones, and highly complicated farming equipment that requires significant training to operate. Agriculture also requires deep knowledge of soil science and hydrology which are advanced scientific subjects. If anyone operating a large farm tried just planting a seed and putting some dirt over it with some water, they would starve…and so would we.

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I’d like to see Mike Bloomberg go into a machine shop and point out the difference between a drill press and a lathe.

He’s obviously never seen a brand new CNC machine. You can’t just sit at one of those and expect it to work by turning a hand crank - you need to understand CAD and material design as well as metallurgy.

Mike Bloomberg is a moron. I don’t care how much money he has.

Mike Bloomberg is a joke. I hope that short condescending prick buys the DNC nomination. It will show the country just how broken our system is because of shitheads like Mike Bloomberg.

I wonder if Bloomberg can provide a rough estimate on how long it would take someone to dig a hole, plant the seed, put dirt over it, and water it on a 1,000 acre farm. It’s almost like they would need lots of data and information to tell them when the right time to plant was and a lot of expensive equipment to do it in the most efficient fashion possible to yield the highest crop levels…but what do I know.

Don’t forget months of soil analysis and preparation. People also don’t just wing crop rotations either. Mike Bloomberg is a guy that never got his hands dirty a day in his life and is now telling everyone how easy it is to work a job where you get your hands dirty.

Farming has become very very high tech. https://youtu.be/ngPEjnoXTS8?t=4

As I said. Give Mikey just one tomato plant. Give him a mulligan. It is already grown from seed. Now see if he can figure out how allow it to produce fruit. No help Just Mikey. :wink:

I have one hell of a lot of respect for farmers. They face enough without someone telling them to dig a hole, plant a seed and it just becomes a Jack-in-the-bean-stock enterprise.

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Typical attitude of today’s liberal regarding people in the middle of the country.

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