Mike Bloomberg Dunks On Trump

Remember this? LOL!


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Don’t kid yourself or underestimate the power of his money.

Common sense told us all it was impossible for Trump to win too when he first got into the race.

Nothing good is gained by either underestimating the enemy or trying to play down the threat posed.

What’s funny about Bloomberg’s emergence is that it’s the total opposite of the way Trump emerged. Trump was a populist uprising, it had nothing to do with his money.

The Democrats have gone totally brain dead, they’ll swallow whatever propaganda their elites put out. Bloomberg can buy a lot of propaganda, alot of swooning from the elites. The only candidate in the “normal” mode with any charisma is Sanders, and the elites want to stop him at all costs. Bloomberg can pick up the cost.

This is turning into a fascinating primary. Bloomberg doesn’t appear to have any appeal or charisma, he can just spend a gazillion dollars hating on Trump. That’s good enough for most Democrats.

What’s really hilarious is that a guy with no charisma floats the idea of running with Hillary, the human cactus.

You don’t become a billionaire unless you fuck over millions . His employees hate him .

If there’s anything good about his emergence it’s the fact we may see a serious push for some real campaign finance reform.

He is outright buying elections all over the country to push his own personal agenda which is absolutely anathema to anything the founders intended with respect to protecting free speech.

I’d like to see some hard and fast limits put in place where you not only have a reasonable maximum you can contribute per individual but also a limit on how much any person or group can contribute per election cycle as well as a hard and fast rule that you must be eligible to vote for the person you are contributing to which would eliminate the “group buys” of congressional elections. If you don’t live in the district/state etc or your business isn’t headquartered in same you should not be able to directly influence those races.