Migrants Storm Paris Pantheon Demanding Papers and Free Housing

I’m surprised they’re not invading private homes. Or maybe they are…

Hundreds of migrants and others associated with the so-called “Black Vests” group stormed the Pantheon in Paris demanding the French state grant them residency papers and free housing.

The incident took place on Friday afternoon and saw the protesters chant various slogans demanding that the government of French President Emmanuel Macron acquiesce to their demands, BFMTV reports.

The group La Chapelle Debout! took to Twitter to take responsibility for the incident and demanded a meeting with French prime minister Edouard Philippe, writing, “papers and freedom for all!”

The group also released a nearly two and a half hour video of the incident on their Facebook page:

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I guess our rabid radical leftists in the USA expect the migrants here to follow this same playbook. Hmm - it almost seems like all of this is carefully orchestrated and well funded by some centralized group of people who want to control the West. I wonder who that small and controlling group could be :thinking:

At some point, this lack of respect for our people and our institutions is going to end in a bloodbath.

All these filthy illegals should be on a boat or a plane to their home countries. Or, they should be offered free helicopter rides.

Never gonna happen. Paris just loves getting flooded by migrants.

What is happening in America and all over the world is that the majority of people who are having children are those living in poverty. There is no where near the rest of us to no less care for them all but only a fraction of them. Population growth will do more harm to the environment than anything else.