Migrant sex attacks on European women are motivated by religion – Swedish MP

In a series of tweets, MP Hanif Bali raises the subject of gang rape, and points to the perpetrators and victims. Bali believes it’s time to start talking about “ethno-religiously motivated rapes” since 88 per cent of perpetrators who commit serious sexual assaults in Sweden and other European countries, have a migrant background, while the victims are mainly young white girls.

A citizen study on sexual crimes made in autumn 2017 confirms what Bali writes:



He’ll get no prizes for the speed of his realisation ! Must have been under a rock for a long time or too gutless to say it when it wasn’t cool to say it.

The Edit was from to,to too. :grin: I do it a lot but most times don’t check as rushing. Just don’t want a grammar strike.

Sweden is in denial about it problems with immigrants and Islam

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It’s what happens when primitive creatures are released into human communities.


What’s the matter Sweden? Tired of being the jihadi gang-rape capital of Europe?

Stupid cucks.

If you are a Swedish woman, you better do whatever you can to get a gun and carry it at all times.

If a muslim tries to rape you, give them a severe case of lead poisoning.

Your feminist woman-led government won’t protect you.


You don’t know the half of it. Rampaging immigrant gangs across Swedish cities, shooting at police, throwing hand grenades at police, burning police cars, bombing police stations, looting, raping (boys and girls)

In Sweden this year

  • 272 shootings.
  • 129 injured.
  • 42 dead.

34.4% of young women aged 16-24 say that men have committed sex crimes against them.
This is almost a 300% increase in just 3 years.


Not so sure about being in denial, but more worried about the leftest movement then they are with Muslims themselves.

At least that what it looks from my angle.

That’s just cultural enrichment, you bigots.

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When the daughter of a prominent citizen of Sweden gets attacked, maimed or killed only then will they take action.

Right now it seems they do not want to offend muslims for fears of retaliation, which begs the question if any leftists wants to respond.

If this is a religion of peace why do people fear retaliation ?

I could offend Christians not worry about getting my head chopped off
I could offend a catholic and not worry about repercussions
I could offend a ■■■■■■ person the worst thing they would label me a anti semite ( which Im not)
I could offend Hindu and they might curse me out
Islam is the only religion that could get me on the hit list

perhaps some islam advocate could explain this mystery to me?

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