Migrant leeches DEMAND $50,000 US dollars to go back home


The caravans are not “pouring in” they have been stopped at the border.

The money is going to those gov’ts to first, cut down to the greatest extent possible the number of people fleeing the triangle and second to Mexico to stop them before they reach the US border.

If it works, it’s money well spent.

Even if we get our needed sections of border wall we still need to do all we can to stop or reduce to the greatest extent possible the number of asylum seekers/illegals reaching our border.

Detentions and deportations were both up last year and 90% of the illegals caught by the BP/ICE had prior criminal records. For the most part we’re not talking about nice guys and gals coming to the US just looking for a better life for their families they are criminals intent on getting here and committing more crimes.

The best way to stop them is to do it before they ever reach US soil. “The Wall” is but one needed step towards securing the border but hundreds of thousands will just attempt to circumvent it and many will succeed so again, stopping them before they ever reach US soil is by far the best plan and we need those governments to cooperate with the US to accomplish it.


Thank you for the caveat.


If we can stop over half of them that would otherwise reach our border before leaving their home countries, at the Mexican Southern border, or get Mexico to keep them it’s far cheaper and more effective than trying to stop them at our own border and deal then with those that succeed in getting into the US legally as asylees or refugees and they aren’t taking up critical resources that are already in short supply for US citizens.

The best thing for US in the long run is to stabilize our own hemisphere, produce the goods we need in our own hemisphere and of course market our own goods within our own hemisphere.

Europe needs to learn to take care of themselves at least for the most part and the only way to slow, much less stop or reverse China’s rise would be to have a far more powerful, both economically and militarily union of our own.

We should have been focusing on our own hemisphere for the last hundred years and largely were until WWII came along and change the global power equation.


Perhaps instead of our manufacturers shipping jobs to China they should have moved them to central America.


Or maybe we should have kept ours while expanding their capabilities at the same time instead of shipping our jobs anywhere?


Who was it that said, we don’t want those dirty manufacturing jobs we want to fix the goods they send us. As it turns out it’s cheeped to buy new than repair the old.

Bill Clinton I believe.

For a period of time it was cheaper to buy a new printer than the cartridges.


I"m sure you have a point here but I’m not seeing it.

It’s still cheaper to replace most electronics than to have them repaired which is why finding a electronics repair place is like finding a unicorn at the zoo.


What about the next administration may not want to stop them? What will 5B have gotten us?


The funding will still be in place with the same requirements. If those gov’ts fail to meet the goals congress can always shut off the funding irrespective of who holds the WH.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this is “the solution” only part of it. We still have to secure our own border as we should have done long ago.

Our porous southern border has been a national security problem since early in the 1800’s and is the biggest source of crime in our border states.

Remember the “Mexican American War” was a reaction to the bandits raiding along the US border states and retreating back into Mexico with tacit support from the Mexican gov’t.

This is not a new problem.


I just don’t like it. I don’t believe/trust Mexico will use the majority of the funds as intended. That is 5.8 BILLION dollars that could have been invested in our own security (wall) which would withstand the whims of future administrations both on our side of the border and Mexico’s.

Who would have ever seen this coming, paying billions to Mexico to do what we are fully capable of doing ourselves.

I am so very disappointed.


We’ve been funding similar measures for decades. The only difference here it that it’s specifically targeting choking off the flow of illegals.

Mexico is now having to deal with the consequences of having a huge number of unwelcomed, and unwanted illegals trashing up their country instead of passing quietly through and as a result they are learning to live with the costs.

As long as the illegals simply just pass through Mexico on their way to the US they are an economic boon to the country but the Mexican gov’t has just gotten a small taste of the cost of illegal immigration so suddenly they seem to be a whole lot more cooperative in working with us.

5bn spent in those countries can save us many times that amount in dealing with the problem once they reach US soil so I’m more than happy to give it a good shot.


If they use the money for that purpose.

The reason they are dealing with their own country being trashed is a strong presence on our side of the border (for once).

When Trump is gone and we have another Obama (or worse) in office we’ll still be giving billions and what will we have to show for it?


Our presence on the border is growing in strength every day with or without the wall and deportations are up to the point we now have a net negative flow at least according to most sources.

That means Mexico will have to deal with more and more of the same with or without “The Wall”.

They have a huge incentive to once again go back to securing their own southern border as they used to and to close the open highway from the triangle to the US border.

Spend five billion on the southern end and it saves us tens of billions here because they never even reach US soil.

No matter how we go about it, keeping the illegals from ever setting foot on US soil should be the goal because once the do reach it, they have rights and protecting/respecting those rights costs us over a 100.00/day each and in some cases thousands.

Take your eye off of the fine points of the brush strokes for a minute and look at the whole picture and you’ll see what I mean.


I understand the strategy and the intent. Again, I can only wonder how much of the money will actually go to the purpose it has been created for.

How many criminals are we going to see enter our country because they have the backing of the drug cartels or officials/law enforcement can be bribed by human traffickers.

And if we get a globalist, open border administration in the future, will we still be stuck paying 5B for a wink and a nod?

It is frustrating that we have to give money to Mexico because our elected officials are too conflicted to get their act together.


The wall will still be there as will the tech and increased numbers of BP agents.

The left is on the losing side of this one, a majority of the country wants the border secured and the illegals to be dealt with.

The number of illegals currently working in the US is the only explanation for why wages and benefits have been increasing so slowly since we hit full employment and a lot of Americans realize this even if they don’t really understand the full effect.


I often wonder what motivates the politicians in this country. Are they receiving advice only from this in their little bubble? Only from their advisors?

Could it b the illegals/laughable refugees are more important than the citizens of this country?


They have all of the polls at their fingertips. They live and breathe by them.

So, it really is a good question as to why they ignore them. Unless they are playing the long game and betting on their careers being tied to globalism?


Polls from their base.


And we all know how accurate the polls are.