Michigan State shooter who killed 3 students - no race mentioned?

Michigan State University Police identify campus shooter, say 3 dead, 5 injured are students | Live Updates from Fox News Digital

A tip from a member of the public led Lansing law enforcement to the man who opened fire on Michigan State University, killing three students and critically wounding five more, police revealed Tuesday.

Anthony McRae, 43, was located “shortly after” the on-campus shooting, and was found to have died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in an off-campus area within hours.

“It was a caller’s tip that led law enforcement to that suspect in the city of Lansing,” Michigan State University Police and Public Safety Deputy Chief Chris Rozman said Tuesday.

Investigators began scouring surveillance footage as the bloodshed unfolded Monday night, and quickly located an image of the suspect, which they then immediately disseminated to the public, Rozman told reporters during a Tuesday morning press conference.

“It was shortly after we released it that he was recognized by an alert citizen,” Rozman said. “And that was exactly what we were trying to achieve by releasing that picture, was to generate immediate tips for this person that was mobile, that we had no idea where he was at that point.”

So why don’t we have headline WHITE MAN KILLS 3 AND WOUNDS OTHERS ??? ANY GUESSES ?

As usual, the left is already screaming about why guns need to be banned…but what they are leaving out is that this piece of shit already had been charged with multiple gun-related crimes in the past and was not legally carrying firearms in the first place.


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