Michigan Democrat, Now Trump Supporter: “The things he’s promised, well, he’s done them”

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Michigan Democrat, Now Trump Supporter: “The things he’s promised, well, he’s done them”

As the week begins, it’s worthwhile reemphasizing the value of President Trump, and how the focused, albeit at times pragmatic, policy is received by the larger U.S. electorate. This interview is representative of the silent majority voice; some silent no more:

The underlying reality behind these words from a Michigan voter is exactly why the media need to have redoubled their efforts of opposition. President Trump is simply succeeding, despite the enormous scale of manufactured political opposition.

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The list of accomplishments is enormous with many more to come . Trump 2020 !!!

Purple state democrats and independents that voted for Trump in 2016 sent a huge message to the republicans in 2018 costing them the house for their failures.

I’d like to think we’ll see a huge swing back in the opposite direction in 2020 now that they’ve seen what unfettered power for democrats is going to look like should they gain it in 2020.

Trump’s approval rating is about triple that of AOC and her gang of witches and something like ten points higher than Robert Mueller.

Democrats in the house have done nothing basically since taking control other than try to Milk the Muller Report for all it’s worth and scream about impeachment.

What has that gotten them? Even less support than 2 years ago for impeachment and the country is fed up with the whole Russia Collusion and Muller Report BS and is starting to get fed up with the lack of action on securing the border, building the wall, and the country being overrun with a million new illegals annually just from the southern border.

Right now with the extreme radical left controlling the democrat agenda I don’t see them sobering up and dealing with the issues that matter between now and election day either and hopefully we’ll see a huge flip in the house and gain some senate seats as well and get Trump reelected.

Imagine a Trump with both houses again all the political capital he’s wanted all along and no worries four four more years about reelection.

How much do you think he can accomplish with that equation before 2024?

Pence in 2024!

… 2028…

… his VP in 2032…

I was really hoping Trump would decide early not to run in 2020 or even step down early for “personal/family reasons” giving Pence the max time to serve as POTUS building a record to run on without losing the ability to then go on and serve two full terms.

Your theory is second best though although I want to see a strong primary of conservatives in 2024 to see who comes out on top. If it’s Pence I don’t think, at least knowing what I know now, that I’d have a problem voting for him should he win the nomination even though he’s a bit moderate for my taste.

The problem with Pence is that he is too nice. If the current field of Democrats get even worse in 2024 we are going to need someone more aggressive than Trump otherwise they will just get steamrolled on the debate stage. I wish it wasn’t this way but that’s just reality. Things have gotten ugly.

I believe there are a whole lot more like this gentleman. They see, despite the tweets, a guy who getting the job done. People always vote the economy because in a bad economy (the kind Democrats always create) many will not have jobs.

The hate, and rudeness/violence of the Dems. is real; people are sick of it. I think the GOP will sweep back into owning all three branches. What do the Dems have to offer- shitty medicare for all? free ubi for the lazy? Cratering the economy?

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It depends on how many RINOs are left in the Senate and the House, how big the majorities are in both, who is Speaker of the House and who is Majority Leader in the Senate.

I think that if Trump is reelected and has the coattails to regain control of the house the message will be pretty clear, get on board of get booted out in 2022.

The failure to do as they’d promised from 16-18 put almost what fifty five republicans in congress and several governors out of work?

I think if he gets the landslide he’ll have the political capital and the meek and mild wishy washy republicans will have to get on board or face even a more staggering loss in 22 than 18.

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and several dovernors out of office?

I have to agree with you about Pence, besides VP’s rarely succeed to become their predecessors to wear their robes!

The one thing working against Pence that would alienate independents is his religious faith as the left would no doubt rally the base to excoriate him in the court of public opinion! An outsider who is not part of the establishment that subscribes to the MAGA agenda is the only hope that Americans can trust and rely on to righting the countries course! Who that outsider would be? I have no idea, as it takes a special person with the will and fortitude to be President and not be beholden to lobbyists who would seek to undermine the will of the people! We seen plenty of that already and is the reason why we as country find ourselves in this position to begin with! (We don’t need another Bush)

Candidates or shall we say desired traits?

Devin Nunes
Tucker Carlson
Jim Jordan

This list is short and probably none will run! It’s probably Ross Perot’s incarnation a person we never heard from that will emerge! At least that is what I hope and pray for as 2024 is going to be a lot worse than 2020!

Ted Cruz. Still my guy for many reasons but especially his knowledge and fidelity to the constitution.

He’s probably the best debater the party has ever scene as well at least in the modern era.

To preachy and comes off as a Baptist minister, besides he is loathed by many that wouldn’t get the support in a national election. He is too polarised as a figure to garner enough votes from independents! He is way more effective in the role he is in now, and I might even go so far as to nominate him as SCOTUS, but isn’t realistic to be confirmed!

I haven’ seen a more polarizing figure than Trump in my lifetime so I have to disagree.

That is OK we can disagree. I am strictly speaking of Cruz and his chances of winning in a national election and not comparing him to Trump!

I actually think he has a broader but different base that Trump was able to put together, they are like bookends, polar opposites but sharing a broad middle for different reasons.

Trump for many reasons appealed to the low end crude, rude, racist, white nationalist, and those who couldn’t stomach Hillary period.

Cruz is a gentleman, has a great deal of gravitas, nothing crude or rude about him, and decades of demonstrating that he’s a true principled conservative.

They share a broad appeal among non catholic Christians, but Cruz has a much broader appeal among Catholics because of the high percentage of Catholic Hispanics.

In Texas Cruz regularly carries a higher percentage of the Hispanic vote than any other republican in the state and has the same broader appeal among Hispanics nationwide.

He’s also much more palatable with the over 30 demographics in general.

Honestly I’m still somewhat amazed and disappointed that Trump was able to get the nomination over him but I think it was just time because of the anti establishment wave that had been building for several years prior t 2016.

I was disappointed in some of Cruz’s campaign but proud that he maintained his gentlemanly demeanor instead of shedding it to fight it out in the gutter.

No matter what happens in 2024 I think it’s going to be a completely different race nationally no matter how successful Trump is should he win reelection.

No matter what if Trump wins again I think we’re going to see a wave of coattails and I really think there’s a strong chance of retaking and holding the house throughout the four years and possibly picking up enough seats to finally get a filibuster proof or near filibuster poof majority in the senate by 2026.

If that eight years goes well and republicans in the house and senate don’t let us down again I think there’s a high probability of 12-16 years of republicans holding the presidency and at least one if not both houses throughout the 2024-2032 period which would give us a real chance at a rebirth of the Reagan Era of success, stability, and most especially civility because the left can only run so far and so long on hate and division.