Michael Flynn Hearing Today 11:00am – Open Discussion Thread

You can listen in live. Starts at 11am EST

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Yep - the rigged justice system under corrupt Bill Barr is in full effect.

If you think it started with Barr then you are either incredibly naive or one purposely stupid person!

It started with Flynn engaging in illegal activity with a foreign country.

No it did not and thanks for exposing how woefully ignorant you are of anything resembling facts and all you really inspire to be here on this forum is a partisan hack!

Flynn broke the law and should be held accountable. Full stop.

How long you going to keep repeating that line? What’s the matter? Haven’t experienced a good bowel movement that you still have to rely MSNBC talking points?

Hell! Just about everyone you supported has broken law! Where is your outrage for that? Huh? Crickets!

If that were true then why did the the countless partisan investigations, lead primarily by Republicans, lead to absolutely nowhere?

I would explain but I am well above your pay grade to invest such time in having to articulate facts to someone who is both being purposely obtuse and content to stew in their own filthy ignorance in order to keep their confirmation biases alive. You simply don’t accept truth when it runs contrary to your religion!


Flynn is a great American who served his country and you are a lowlife baby-killing socialist sack of shit. End of discussion.

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What law was broken?

Was he coerced into pleading guilty with threats to his family being made?