Michael Avenatti Faces Life In Prison!

Holy crap! 36 count Indictment issued from a California Grand Jury against EX- Lawyer Michael Avenatti! Tucker Carlson must be smiling tonight, as Avenatti was often his nemesis!

But I thought he was going to defeat President Trump in 2020.

Funny how the universe treats those who try to take down Trump.

Karma sometimes bites you in the ass in a timely manner.

Actually, Avenatti faces death in prison.

This is lovely! The irony of this can not be beat! Ha!

Mention this to a lib and they will try to say such adoration never occured. When presented with the evidence, they will say “let’s wait and see”.

They are so stupid.

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I really am enjoying seeing Avenatti go down the drain! Oh, and you know the shit is steaming when he puts his Twitter on private :joy:

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