"Mexico is Our Ally" Really?

Democrats ranting about how walls are immoral has become a daily drumbeat but I caught this clip from TC’s show where one of the mouthpieces tells us that it’s unconsionable to even consider “putting walls between ourselves and allied nation… a wall is an immoral symbol for out country”.

While we’ve been at peace with Mexico for over a hundred years and we cooperate on issues I’ve never considered them an ally.

To me it’s still one of the most corrupt countries in modern existence and is no more than a mostly failed Narco State with two classes of people, the ruling Spanish Elites and everyone else.

Someone convince me otherwise… .

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This is nothing new and justification in and of itself for heightened barriers and border security.

Fifty-six police officers have been murdered in the line of duty in Guanajuato this year but only 12 arrests have been made in connection with just seven of the homicides.

The impunity rate for police assassinations in 2018 consequently stands at 87.5%, meaning the alleged perpetrators have only been apprehended in one of every eight slayings.

None of the 12 detained suspects has been convicted or sentenced.


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Perhaps dems should look at NY abortion law death up to 9 months , yes at birth !!!
Immoral, immoral , coming from the same morons that struck " so help you God " from oath at House .

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I’m not sure why this is a surprise. Saudi Arabia is an “ally” too and some of their people perpetrated 9/11.

“It’s a fetus, not a person”.

The same was the justification for slavery, The Holocaust, and millions of other lives taken over the last century.

The history of Mexico as a nation is one of constant violence and corruption and their outlaws preying on and draining the US of resources.

I know that as long as we have an essentially open border more and more of their problems will become ours for numerous reasons not the least of which is that as long as the Mexicans who don’t want to live with the corruption and violence have a place right door to flee instead of being forced to deal with it.

That wasn’t about nationality though, it was about Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism.

Few people realize just how tenuous the grip of the Royal Family is on power there and that without them it too would quickly devolve into a radical terrorist state.

While there may be some, I can’t think of a single instance where Mexico has been allied with the US. I know Mexico did declare war on Germany in WWII because Uboats sank a couple of their oil tankers, but they only sent a small contingent of 300 airmen to the Philippines in 1945, to join in the fighting. To call them an ally is a stretch of the meaning.

Just gonna throw this out there but if it was only ethnic Spaniards moving to the US in droves our Left would be trying to keep them out and their government trying to keep them in.

Solid point.

Aside from all of the other issues it appears the new POM has been bought and paid for by the cartels. He’s just declared that “The Drug War is Over”.

The most effective ally US agencies have had in Mexico are the Mexican Marines and it appears that Obrador will not allow military assets to be used in the future.

The Mexican Federales are so corrupt it’s sickening and US agencies flat cannot trust them with any intel nor count on any we get from them.

Between that and the Mexican Gov’ts aiding to get the caravans of thousands from the Norther Triangle countries through Mexico to the US border and their utter failure to do anything to secure their side of the border Trump needs to get out his big stick and cut off all foreign aid to Mexico Period and cancel any trade deals that are favorable to Mexico.

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