Meth bought in Louisiana may be contaminated with Zika virus

Meth recently bought in Louisiana may be contaminated with Zika virus, Harahan Police Department announced Saturday in a Facebook post.

HPD says that meth can be brought to a local police department where it will be tested for free.

“If you’re not comfortable coming to us, an officer will be glad to come to you and test your Meth in the privacy of your home,” the post reads.

I am not an expert in infectious diseases but this sounds like a ploy to identify and round up meth users. Not that I have a problem with that, I just would rather see the police do this through actual police work, instead of saying that meth “may” be contaminated with a highly infectious disease and to bring it to police so that can kindly test it for you.

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I don’t care how the cops do it. Meth heads are the worst. I wouldn’t mind full scale deployment of RWDS to erase this scourge.


Something I have avoided like the plague all my life. Licensed pharmaceutical companies have produced bad batches of drugs, under sterile conditions. What can you expect if it’s made in some damp, moldy, fungus ridden basements?

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Local police departments test illicit drugs free for zika?

I’m not buying that.

In any instance, it’s an old virus of origin in Uganda in particular, and has been commonplace in Latin America for awhile. It’s only in Brazil, and even then primarily in the Recife Region, and some of the French Polynesian islands babies with microcephaly have been born due to it as pregnant women are the one group most negatively affected by it.

What is up with all of this caring about drug addicts lately? Bring your illicit substances to us, and we’ll test it for free?!

Fuck that shit!

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There isn’t even a ‘Z’ category for top diseases on this page, as zika is transported largely by those having spent time south of the border &, as previously stated, most negatively affects pregnant women, but Louisiana P D’s test for it?

Sounds like total bullshit to me.

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Here is the actual story on the stunt pulled by one particular officer:

All that just to say that there are druggies in the U S, what a waste of taxpayer funding.

Ha! Let those dumbasses bring their meth to the local police station. They are probably too stupid to figure out what happens next.

That was my first reaction to hearing about this. How in the hell would the virus survive the chemicals and heat used to cook meth. Just another scam by police to take advantage of stupid criminals.

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WTH ? So the police want you to bring them your ILLEGAL drugs so they can test it ? :rofl: . What’s next bring in your unregistered pistol so they can make sure it fires ? :rofl: Are these the same guys that sent out notices to those with several warrants for their arrest , that they WON a all expense paid trip plus expense money of $3,000 , only to be arrested ? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Keystone Cops are alive and well in Louisiana.

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My thought exactly. Just a ploy to get the dumbest of meth heads to show up and get themselves identified and arrested.